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Hong Kong Flower Show

The Hong Kong Flower Show, held in Victoria Park from March 13 to 22, 2009 was a great success, attracting more than 538 000 people. The theme flower for this year's Show was Cosmos. In addition to more than 40 species and cultivars of Cosmos and other exotic flowers and plants from all over the world, visitors were treated to magnificent floral art displays created by horticultural groups from Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. In total, about 200 horticultural organisations, private firms and government departments from Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries, including Australia, Canada, the Republic of Estonia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, participated in the Show.

The Hong Kong Flower Show 2009 opened at Victoria Park with more than 350 000 flowers on display.

The LCSD departmental display 'Blossoming Welcome for the EAG' at the Flower Show comprised more than 30 000 flowers.

This floral display features EAG mascots Dony (right) and Ami.

In addition to such major attractions as landscape features, floral arrangements and potted plant and bonsai displays, the Show also provided a wide range of educational and recreational fringe activities. These included horticultural talks, floral arrangement demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, musical performances, cultural presentations, fashion shows, exhibits, drawing and photo competitions, plant-care workshops and guided visits to promote interest in horticulture and the greening of Hong Kong.

Green Hong Kong Campaign

In parallel with the Department's extensive planting programme designed to improve the cityscape, a series of educational and community involvement programmes was launched to promote a green culture in government departments and society at large. More than 2 900 green activities were organised throughout the year, with 1 290 000 people participating.

A series of educational and community involvement programmes was launched to promote a green culture in all government departments, as well as in the society at large.

Under the community greening programme, a Best Landscape Award 2008 scheme was held from July to October to better the living environment of private property and to promote excellence in the greening of public projects through outstanding landscape design and horticultural maintenance. This scheme attracted the participation of more than 300 organisations from both the private and public sectors. More than 140 green promotional and outreach activities were also held, with more than 41 000 individuals taking part.

Adjudicators of the Best Landscape Award 2008 at a selection session.

About 1 500 Green Volunteers from the 18 districts were recruited under the Green Volunteer Scheme to carry out simple horticultural maintenance in parks, and they serve as stewards of green promotional activities.

The Community Garden Programme, which had been extended to all 18 districts by the end of 2005, encourages the public to participate in community-level greening activities and to adopt such practices as part of daily life. The Programme is also designed to raise public awareness of green and environmental protection issues through participation in gardening activities. The 18 districts now boast 19 community gardens, and, in 2008-09, a total of 46 gardening courses were organised for around 9 800 participants.

The Department continued to work with the DCs and local communities throughout the year to organise Community Planting Days. Twenty-nine events involving 12 000 participants realised the planting of around 200 trees and 36 000 shrubs.
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