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The 2nd Hong Kong Games

The Hong Kong Games (HKG) are a major territory-wide, multi-sport event held biennially with Hong Kong's 18 DCs as the participating units.

Following the community's encouraging response for the 1st HKG in 2007, the 2nd HKG were held from May 9 to 31, 2009. The 2nd HKG Organising Committee (OC), which comprises representatives of the major partners in the promotion of community sports, including the Community Sports Committee, the 18 DCs, the SF&OC, the relevant NSAs, the Home Affairs Bureau and the LCSD, was formed in February 2008 to decide on the sports items and competition format of the Games and to oversee their timely preparation.

A video wall installed on a commercial building in Central District publicising the 2nd HKG.

A district open selection exercise commenced in July 2008 to select athletes to represent the 18 districts taking part in the 2nd HKG, and more than 2 300 athletes had been chosen to compete in six events, namely, athletics, badminton, basketball, swimming, table tennis and tennis.

To enable the entire community to actively participate in the Games, the OC has launched a series of promotional/community involvement programmes. They include a 2nd HKG launching ceremony in February 2009, Elite Athletes' Demonstration and Exchange Programmes, a Cheering Team Competition for the 18 Districts, and activities allowing the public to vote for My Favourite Sporty District and guess the Overall Champion of the 2nd Hong Kong Games. The OC also introduced a Dynamic Moments Photo Contest to the Games to enable more people to participate. The District with the Greatest Participation in the 2nd HKG has been added to encourage the 18 districts to send more athletes to the event.

A launch ceremony was held in February 2009 to mark the beginning of the 2nd HKG.

An Elite Athletes' Demonstration and Exchange programme in table tennis skills was held at the Tsing Yi Sports Centre. A coach gave a talk and demonstrated table tennis skills and competition strategies to district athletes.

The 2nd HKG has not only enhanced the public's interest in sport, but has also served as a prelude to the 5th EAG scheduled for December 2009 by creating an enthusiastic, sportive atmosphere leading up to the Games. Besides, the 2nd HKG has used some of the EAG venues to test out their efficacy for staging large-scale events.
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