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Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games

In November 2003, Hong Kong was chosen to host the 5th EAG in 2009. The 2009 EAG Planning Committee, which includes representatives of the Government and the sports, commercial, banking, airline and tourism sectors, was established in June 2004. The Committee is responsible for planning and preparing for the event, enlisting community support, developing publicity and marketing strategies, and advising on the venues and facilities required. A company known as 2009 East Asian Games (Hong Kong) Limited was set up as an executive agent in March 2005 to organise and implement the Games.

In 2008, the EAG Organising Committee and five Co-ordinating Committees were set up to further strengthen the overall coordination work and assist in overseeing the key functional areas, for example, the opening and closing ceremonies, traffic and transport arrangements, and publicity and community involvement.

The Government has invested more than $1.2 billion to improve Hong Kong's sports infrastructure for the Games. A new sports ground has been constructed in Tseung Kwan O, and improvement works have been undertaken at 13 government venues. The main objective of these works is to upgrade existing facilities to meet the standards required for international multi-sport games. All improvement works have been completed by mid-2009.

The newly built Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground is the venue for the Hong Kong 2009 EAG track and field events.

A series of promotional activities were held in 2008, including a one-year countdown ceremony, the launch of a volunteer programme, 12 fundraising concerts and a press conference, to inform the public about the progress of the preparatory work for the EAG and the arrangements made for the opening ceremony. The EAG theme song, 'You are the Legend', was first performed publicly at the one-year countdown ceremony by more than 30 local singers and, along with a telephone ringtone, has been uploaded to the LCSD website. An Announcement of Public Interest about the Games has been broadcast on various TV channels.

A series of promotional activities, including the one-year countdown ceremony, have been held to keep the public abreast of the progress of the Hong Kong 2009 EAG.

A float, decorated with images of the EAG mascots and playing the EAG theme song, took part in the International New Year Night Parade during the Lunar New Year, much to the delight of locals and overseas visitors.

A float, decorated with images of the EAG mascots and bearing the EAG theme, taking part in the International New Year Night Parade during the Lunar New Year Festival.

In addition, a roving exhibition has been staged at various LCSD venues, the Home Affairs Department and major shopping arcades throughout the territory. Standees of the EAG mascots have been mounted at the Department's sports venues and at tourism spots and major shopping centres to further promote the Games.

A 'Blossoming Welcome for the EAG' was adopted as the theme of the
Hong Kong Flower Show 2009 held in March, and the 2009 East Asian Games (Hong Kong) Limited also released Heart-warming Stamps that month.

The release of these Heart-warming Stamps by 2009 EAG (Hong Kong) Limited in March 2009 represents one of the many promotional activities surrounding the EAG.

The Department has worked closely with 2009 East Asian Games (Hong Kong) Limited and other stakeholders to promote and prepare for the EAG, Hong Kong's first-ever multi-sport international games. We have dressed up the city with the EAG theme to enhance the atmosphere of the Games, and a series of school activities have been rolled out throughout the year in collaboration with the Education Bureau. The DCs have also been organising community activities with the theme, 'Green, Cultural and Energetic'.

The Government has also publicised the EAG via its Economic and Trade Offices overseas and has joined hands with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to promote the Games amongst overseas visitors.

A 200-day countdown activity and an EAG Torch Relay cum 100-day Countdown Ceremony were held on May 19 and August 29, 2009, respectively.
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