Public Feedback

To collect users' views about our services, the Department carried out 17 thematic surveys covering performing arts, beaches and outsourced sports centres in 2008-09. Of the 15 customer satisfaction surveys administered in outsourced sports centres, 14 recorded that more than 80 per cent of users were satisfied with our services, while one recorded more than 70 per cent. An opinion survey on our museums was successfully completed in June 2009 and it recorded that over 90 per cent of our users were satisfied with the service. Another survey on public libraries is rescheduled for completion in early 2010 so that its main fieldwork can tie in with the extension of opening hours of major and district libraries, effective from April 1, 2009.

Our 'Views from the Public' system maintains a data repository to record public feedback that is received from various channels about the Department's policies, facilities, services and staff service quality. Information collected is regularly analysed by type, nature and cause with reports and issued to the management to identify less satisfactory areas and to initiate remedial action.
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