Annual Report 2002 - Leisure and Cultural Services Department Brand Hong Kong - Asia's world city
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  Major Recreation and Sports Events
Date Event
  2-5.1.2002 Hong Kong Ladies Challenge
  1-10.2002 Hang Seng Table Tennis Academy "New Generation" Table Tennis Training Courses
  24.2.2002 2002 Hong Kong Marathon
  4.3.2002 PowerPhone Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards
  17.3.2002 Grand Prize Presentation Ceremony of the District Sports Teams cum Kick-off Ceremony of Inter-district Football Tournament
  23.3.2002 2002 Inter-school Easy Sport Competition
  2-6.5.2002 Higashiichiki Town Harbour Festival, Kagoshima, Japan Sand Sculpture Demonstration
  18.5.2002 School Sports Carnival 2002
  20-23.5.2002 Soccer Match Reunification Cup
  26.5.2002 Wushu Demonstration ¡X Support Wushu's entry into the Olympic Games Wushu Demonstration Support Wushu's entry into the Olympic Games
  8.6.2002 Prize Presentation Ceremony of NIKE All Hong Kong Youth
Football Challenge Cup 2002
  8-13.6.2002 Live Broadcast of China Team Match in World Cup 2002
  22.6.2002 International Kite Flying Festival
  7.2002- 6.2003 Youth Wushu Training Scheme 2002/2003
  14.7.2002 Launching of Community Sports Club Management Development Programme cum Seminar on "Successful Sponsorship Seeking"
  7-9.2002 2002 Children Badminton Promotion Scheme
  7-11.2002 2002 McDonald's Youth Football Scheme
  28.7.2002 - 5.1.2003 Corporate Games 2002/2003
  1-4.8.2002 2002 FIVB World Grand Prix
  2-4.8.2002 4th Asia Pacific Water Polo Invitation Tournament
  10-14.8.2002 China Qinhuangdao International Kite Festival
  25.8 - 31.12.2002 Masters Games 2002/2003
  8.9.2002-19.1.2003 Territory-wide Age Group Competitions
  9.2002-3.2003 Squash Talent Foundation Programme 2002/2003
  3-13.10.2002 5th World Masters Games in Melbourne, Australia
  20.10.2002 Sports for All Carnival
  31.10.2002 Opening Ceremony of Siu Sai Wan Promenade
  10.11.2002 International Sand Sculpture Exchange Programme
  7-8.12.2002 Carnival for Pets Dogs Fun Day
  26-29.12.2002 4th HKSAR International Handball Invitation Tournament
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