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  Hong Kong Flower Show

The 2002 Hong Kong Flower Show was held at Victoria Park from March 8-17 and ran in parallel with the large-scale promotional programme City of Life: Hong Kong is it! launched by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Featuring Hong Kong in Full Blossom as its theme and Garden Petunia as its theme flower, the show presented a spectacular floral exhibition set against the kaleidoscopic cityscape of Hong Kong.

Two mascots of the Flower Show greet visitors at the showground.
Two mascots of the Flower Show greet visitors at the showground.*

A total of 110 organisations took part in the 10-day show. They comprised 10 government bodies, 66 local horticultural associations and 34 horticultural organisations from the Mainland and overseas. A record-breaking 560,000 people visited the show, making it a resounding success.

Colourful flower fairies add festive touches to the show.
Colourful flower fairies add festive touches to the show.*

In addition to major attractions such as landscape features, floral arrangements, potted plants and bonsai displays, the show also provided a wide range of educational and recreational fringe activities. These included horticultural talks, flower arrangement demonstrations, music performances, cultural presentations, a television variety show, drawing competition, photographic competition, plant-care workshops and guided visits to promote interest in horticulture and the greening of Hong Kong.

To tie in with the promotion of tourism by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the flower show also featured a series of programmes with an oriental flavour, such as Taichi Morning Exercise and Flower Tea Tasting.

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