Annual Report 2002 - Leisure and Cultural Services Department Brand Hong Kong - Asia's world city
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  Big Increase in Tree Planting

The department continued to implement its ambitious tree-planting programme and about 60,000 trees were planted in the year. Most were planted during the rainy season (March to October) to ensure establishment and growth of plants.

Roadside beautification programme in Central.
Roadside beautification programme in Central.*

Seventy per cent were planted in the New Territories, and the balance in urban areas. About 18,000 trees were planted in parks and gardens and about 42,000 at roadsides.

In the past, trees have been planted for functional purposes such as shading, screening, soil protection or conservation, and this formed a good basis for greening the environment. However, this emphasis of this year's programme was also aesthetic. Flowering trees such as bauhinia, bombax, cassia, delonix and spathodea, were planted to provide a more visual impact and strong seasonal colours.

About 48,000 flowering trees were planted as against 12,000 non-flowering trees. To ensure healthy growth, maintenance work includes regular watering, pruning, fertilising, weed, pest and disease control, staking and loosening of stakes.

The increased tree cultivation has prompted the department to establish a Computerised Tree Inventory System to enhance the management and maintenance of the great variety of trees.

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