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  Public Relations and Publicity

The Information and Public Relations Section (IPRS) is the department's public relations consultant charged with the duties of promoting LCSD activities and facilities. The IPRS also handles media enquiries and responds to complaints channeled through the media.

In the event of emergency like the passage of typhoons and rainstorms, Information Officers are deployed to man the Emergency Information Centre (EIC). They provide regular situation reports to the media so that the public are informed of latest developments, such as cancellation of LCSD programme activities. When typhoon Hagupit hit Hong Kong on September 11, 2002, the IPRS activated the EIC to deal with media enquiries and issue announcements.

Effective publicity was mounted through various channels, ranging from press conferences, press briefings and press visits to advertising, press releases, posters, leaflets, publications and other printed materials. Throughout the year, 127 press conferences and briefings were arranged, plus 279 press visits. Altogether 2,640 press releases were issued and 184 posters were produced. In addition, 113 television advertisements were made and 23 exhibitions were conducted.

The IPRS continued to produce regular publications reporting on progress to increase transparency in our operations. These included a bi-monthly staff bulletin; a bilingual quarterly newsletter Leisure and Cultural Link to promote our facilities and major activities; a half-yearly magazine to publicise the activities organised by the Community Sports Clubs; and the Annual Report 2001 to outline the department's functions and achievements.

The department's informative and user-friendly website is designed to simplify practical searches for information. Details of our publications, services and facilities, plus information on leisure and cultural programmes, as well as application forms and tender notices, are all posted on the Internet.

The IPRS is responsible for arranging promotional activities for the department.
The IPRS is responsible for arranging promotional activities for the department.*
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