Annual Report 2002 - Leisure and Cultural Services Department Brand Hong Kong - Asia's world city
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The department has made significant progress in the provision of new facilities and new projects this year.

New Facilities Completed

Major facilities completed in 2002 include: the Promenade and adjoining District Open Space at Siu Sai Wan; Recreational Development of the District Open Space at North Ap Lei Chau Reclamation (Phase II); and the Luen Wo Hui Complex in Area 19 Fanling/Sheung Shui. A list of newly completed facilities is included in Appendix 5.

The new Luen Wo Hui Sports Centre provides a variety of facilities to the public.
The new Luen Wo Hui Sports Centre provides a variety of facilities to the public.*

Facilities Under Construction

At year's end, construction of 14 capital works projects was in progress, including three major facilities the Tai Po Complex, Indoor Recreation Centre cum Library in Area 100, Ma On Shan and Tai Kok Tsui Complex. Of the 14 projects, one received funding support from the former Provisional Regional Council while the remaining projects were funded by provision from the Resource Allocation Exercises in 2000 and 2001. A list of these projects is included in Appendix 6.

Minor Works Projects

Some 30 minor works projects, each costing $15 million or less, were completed in 2002, while 11 more were under construction.

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