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  Environmental Efforts

In support of the Government environmental objectives, we have incorporated in-depth environmental considerations in our projects from their inception to the implementation stage. These aim to minimise pollution, conserve resources and protect the natural environment.

In meeting our goal, we are committed to:-

Promoting greening and horticulture
Preserving our heritage
Providing aesthetically-pleasing open space
Practising waste reduction and energy saving
Minimising air and noise pollution in organising leisure and cultural activities

Our major environmental efforts include:

Up-grading existing landscaped areas and planting more trees and shrubs
Organising community involvement projects such as Flower Shows, Community Planting Days and green estate competitions for private sector property management companies
Conducting educational programmes to promote heritage preservation among the public
Providing aesthetically-pleasing open space in the territory
Exercising vigilance in the use of water for watering plants and for water features in major parks
Carrying out energy/environmental audits in collaboration with the power companies, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Architectural Services Department
Using ozone sterilisation and/or brine systems to replace chlorine systems in swimming pools
Using ozone sterilisation and brine systems in swimming pools is our environmental measure.
Using ozone sterilisation and brine systems in swimming pools is our environmental measure.*

Using green products sourceable from the Government Supplies Department
Recycling old books, magazines, newspapers, waste paper and printer cartridges
Using waste separation bins for recovery of waste paper, aluminium cans and plastic bottles at our venues

In addition, environmental policies are regularly reviewed through the Departmental Committee on Environmental Efforts (DCEE). The committee also assists in co-ordinating practices and monitoring implementation across the department. In October 2002, we issued the second environmental report detailing departmental activities in this area.

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