New Vision Arts Festival 18.10.2002 - 17.11.2002
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Tien Dao
Voices of Hong KongConsider the power of Dao sparked off between Chinese drums and Western orchestra...
Dagu (Chinese big drums)Yim Hok-man
ComposerDaniel Law
ConductorShao En
Tien Dao, composed by Daniel Law, is a commissioned work by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra pairing Dao East (Chinese drums) and West (the orchestra). On Dagu (Chinese big drums) is Yim Hok-man, a leading Western and Chinese percussionist who has performed at Lincoln Center, the NHK Concert Hall and throughout Asia.
There's more! Duo Ye No.2 by the Grammy-winning Chinese composer Chen Yi, plus Reflections of the Moon in the "Erquan" Spring, a classic by China's renowned folk musician Hua Yanjun. Rachmaninov's Symphony No.2 ends the night with its unforgettable melody in the Adagio.
Chen Yi
Hua Yanjun
(arr.Wu Zuqiang)
Daniel Law


Duo Ye No.2
Reflections of the Moon
in the "Erquan" Spring
Tien Dao
(World Premie, Chinese Drum Soloist: Yim Hok-man)
Symphony No.2
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25-26 OCT
Fri-Sat 8:00p.m
Hong Kong City Hall
Concert Hall

$150 $110 $80 $50
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