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"KAGAYA's Aurora" (1/5/2017 - 31/1/2018)


KAGAYA's Aurora

In the bitter cold of places like Alaska and Iceland, nature puts on a fascinating show. Mystic flames illuminate the starry sky nearly every night. Curtain waves, light swirls, and then breaks up.

This natural light display in the skies of the high latitude regions is known as the aurora. The aurora is caused by the Sun's breath, also known as the solar wind, interacting with the Earth's atmosphere. Some auroras appear soft and diffuse, while others are more sharply defined. The rich colours of the Earth's auroras are due to the fact that the air is a mixture of gases.

In the Sky Show "KAGAYA's Aurora", different auroras captured by time-lapse photography are recreated under the dome. The mechanism of the formation of an aurora is also vividly illustrated by using computer graphics. With aerial shots of glaciers, grand images of the Arctic and melodious New Age Music, audience can step out of their busy lives for a while, connect themselves to nature and experience the aurora in a unique, planetarium way.

Sky Show "KAGAYA's Aurora" Trailer

Located within the auroral zone, Iceland is a unique place. It is the only exposing island of the submarine Mid-Atlantic Ridge. While its night sky is illuminated by amazing colours, Iceland is also full of exotic landscapes sculptured by the plate tectonics.

breakout of aurora
The charged particles from the Sun are stressing the Earth's magnetic field like an overstretched elastic band. Sometimes the band snaps back and drags some of the charged particles towards the Earth. These particles collide with the gas molecules in our atmosphere, resulting in beautiful displays of aurora.

vivid aurora
Auroras usually glow at heights over 90 kilometres and can reach up to 400 kilometres above the ground, where the International Space Station orbits.


Show Period : 1 May 2017 to 31 January 2018
Place : Stanley Ho Space Theatre
Admission Fees : Front stalls $24, Stalls $32 (Standard)
Front stalls $12, Stalls $16 (Concession)
- Concession is applicable to full-time students, people with disabilities (and one accompanying carer), and senior citizens aged 60 or above
- Children under 3 years old will not be admitted
Duration : 27 minutes 
Show Schedule : Please refer to Stanley Ho Space Theatre Show Schedule
Ticketing : Please refer to "Ticketing Information" 
- Advance booking up to one week is available
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- Telephone credit card booking : 2111 5999
- Ticketing enquiries: 3761 6661