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In late 2007, the "2008 Hong Kong Space Museum Astro e-calendar (Test Version)" was made available topublic for trial use. Having collected the comments and suggestions of users for the past year, the Space Museum released the final version of the Astro e-calendar towards the end of 2008. The calendar comes in the form of a "Google Desktop Gadget".

In addition to the features originally available in the test version, such as calculating the rise, set and transit times as well as displaying the real-time positions of the Sun, Moon and planets in the sky, new features like personal organiser (for registered users of "Google Calendar" only) and automatic regular updates of the Space Museum's latest news are also included.

You may visit the Museum's website ( to download the Astro e-calendar (Windows or Mac version). Through the Astro e-calendar (coupled with an appropriate version of the "Google Desktop"), you can easily enjoy the convenience brought by our new "astro-gadget".


( Due to Google Desktop is no longer available for download, this updated version is only suitable for the users who installed Google Desktop)
Astro e-calendar 2013 version (Windows and Mac version) v1.0.2013.1