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Hong Kong Art Research Portal (Enriched Version)
Research on Hong Kong Art History
Hong Kong Art History Research Project – Phase II
Brief Overview
In October 2014 Hong Kong Museum of Art and Asia Art Archive began Phase II of the collaborative ‘Hong Kong Art History Research Project' as part of their endeavour to develop a public platform for research on recent art in Hong Kong.
Building on previous and existing research efforts, including the first phase of the Project in 2013, the Project continues to develop a richer picture of Hong Kong's art ecology in the 1960–70s. The Project seeks to make research a collaborative effort and a process that does not only produce and deepen knowledge, but also circulates material that can generate more complex narratives and interpretations.
The Project's lines of inquiry include exhibitions, pedagogy, art writing, and modes of exchange. In Phase II, some attention has also been directed at whether political affiliations have shaped individual practices, affecting their visibility and access to resources at the time. Centered around a new series of professionally documented interviews that include multiple voices and perspectives, the Project has also digitised a selection of materials from the archives of Hong Kong Museum of Art, Asia Art Archive, and the personal collections of leading arts professionals.
A second strand of research has been developed from the Pilot Project panel discussion ‘Approaches to Researching Art in Hong Kong.' This takes the form of mappings, or compiling exhibition timelines and bibliographies of research practitioners who participated in the Pilot Project's public programme in November 2013 and/or are Project advisors.
On 7 May 2015 a workshop was held with university educators and Hong Kong art history researchers to examine how existing materials—as well as materials generated by this Project—can be of greater use to various parties.
On 10 October 2015 Phase II was launched publicly with a full day of panel discussions. Materials digitised under the umbrella of the Project will continue to be made available for online research.
To view the 9 interviews (15-minute versions):
Jacques Bouhet, Gaylord Chan, Cheung Yee, Kong Kai-ming, Kwok Chiu-leung, Robert O'Brien, Shaw Tze, Brian Tilbrook, Wong Kum (Interviewees are listed in alphabetical order of last names) 
Besides, its research findings are available onsite at the library of Asia Art Archive:
Tel: +(852) 2844 1112

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