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Donor: Ms. Lui Tai

Ms. Lui Tai (Born 1926) donated a set of twelve hanging scrolls The Righteous Song by Wen Tianxiang in Clerical Script written in 1970 to the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It is a masterpiece done in the mature stage of her life. The internal strength and sturdiness of her brushstrokes shown in the work are built on a solid foundation of the study of Han Dynasty steles.

Ms. Lui Tai was born in Wuzhou, Guangxi Province. In 1946, she received instruction from the Lingnan School artists such as Gao Jianfu (1879 -1951), Chen Shuren (1884 - 1948), Guan Shanyue (1912 - 2000) and Li Xiongcai (1910 - 2001) in Guangzhou. In 1949, she moved to Hong Kong and learned calligraphy from Lin Qianshi (1918-1990). In 1987, she was invited by the Trade Development Council of Hong Kong to give demonstrations of calligraphy in West Berlin and Frankfurt. In 1988, she was appointed professor of the University of the Thousand Buddhas City, California. Although she has settled long-term in the United States, her effort to teach and promote Chinese painting never ends.  

Lui Tai (Born 1926)
The Righteous Song by Wen Tianxiang in Clerical Script
Dated 1970
A set of 12 hanging scrolls, ink on paper
Each 149 x 31.5 cm

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