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Activities & Public Services
Programme Application Notes
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How may I apply for a workshop?
Complete the "Education and Extension Programmes Application Form" in the Newsletter or click here to download. You may fax, post or bring your application to our office in person (during office hours) on or before the stated deadline.
2. Am I entitled to a discount?
Yes, valid applicants are entitled to any one of the discounts provided by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Submit photocopies of all relevant documents together with your application form. For more details, please refer to the Notes of Discount.
3. May I submit more than one application form for any given workshop?
Sorry, only one application form is accepted per workshop.
4. May I use one application form to apply for more than one workshop?
Sorry, you must fill out one application form per workshop. You may, however, use your first application to make a copy for other workshop applications.
5. May I apply for the same workshop on different dates?
Sorry, you may apply to only one instance of each workshop.
6. How can I attend a workshop?
We accept applications at the beginning of each quarter. If the quota is exceeded, participants will be decided by lot drawing. For more details, please refer to the Newsletter or our website.
7. If there are vacancies for a particular workshop after the deadline, may I apply?
Yes, we accept applications on a first come, first served basis until the quota is full.
8. Will the workshop be conduced if the number of applicants does not reach the minimum number required?
The Museum reserves the right to cancel any of its programmes if the number of applications is below the minimum required.
9. Should I submit my course fee with the application form?
There is no need to submit the course fee at the time of application. Applicants will be notified by post of the results. Successful applicants must submit a cheque payable to "The Government of HKSAR", before the date stated in the notification letter. After the deadline, seats will no longer be reserved. The Museum reserves the right to reallocate seats to applicants on the waiting list.
10. How can I get on the waiting list?
Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on the waiting lists automatically in an order decided by lot drawing.
11. How will the Museum contact someone on the waiting list?
The successful waiting applicant will be contacted and informed by phone.
12. When should I pay my materials fee?
Cash only will be accepted by the instructor on the first day of the course if materials are provided.
13. Are course fees refundable?
Sorry, course fees are not refundable.
14. May I transfer course fees to another applicant?
Sorry, course fees are non-transferable.
15. Should I submit an application form for demonstration programmes?
Except under special arrangement, there is no need to submit an application form. We accept participants to the demonstration programmes on a first come, first served basis until the quota is full.
16. May I take photographs during the demonstration?
Each demonstration programme and venue has its own rules regarding photography. Please inform yourself as to the rules at the particular event upon your arrival.


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