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Seminar for "A Survey of Western Media Art in Pre-1960s Hong Kong (Phase I)" (Cantonese)
In early 2015, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Art History Research Society embarked on a collaborative research project entitled the "Survey of Western Media Art in Pre-1960s Hong Kong". The aim of the project is to investigate the development and influence of Western media art in Hong Kong from the early 1930s to the pre-1960s, through an in-depth study of important artists of the time, their interaction and activities within this specific area.
This seminar will focus on Western painting practices in Hong Kong. Not only will the principal investigator review his research findings of the project with our invited scholar, but an open dialogue with representatives from the "Painting On and On" Project will also be conducted to facilitate discussion between scholars and art practitioners on the topic of artistic practices over the past few decades.
2015.12.13 (Sun)
2:30 – 4:30pm
Lecture Hall, Heritage Discovery Centre (inside Kowloon Park)
No application required
First-come, first-served
Enquiry: 2721 0116
2:30 – 3:15pm
Session I: The Development of Western Media Art in Early Hong Kong
Dr Jack LEE Sai-chong, the principal investigator of this project, together with another scholar Dr Edwin LAI Kin-keung, will review the research findings in this session. Through analysis of veteran artists such as Yee Bon, Lee Byng, Chan Hok-she, etc., the development and features of Western paintings in Hong Kong from the 1930s to the 1960s will be explored.
Speakers:    Dr Jack LEE Sai-chong 
Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Art History Research Society 
Research Assistant Professor, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University 
Dr Edwin LAI Kin-keung 
Chairman of the Hong Kong Art History Research Society
Programme Coordinator (BAFA), Hong Kong Art School
3:15 – 3:55pm
Session II: "Painting On and On" Project
Nowadays, the forms and media of art creation are extremely varied, but some artists remain loyal to paintings only. Representatives from the "Painting On and On" Project will share their creative experiences and how they see the position of painting today.
Speakers:    Mr LAM Tung-pang and Mr Wilson SHIEH Ka-ho
Artists and Painter Conveners of the"Painting On and On" Project
Brown White
3:55 – 4:30pm
Session III: Painting across Time and Space
What does painting mean to the artists of different eras? What are the advantages and disadvantages for artists specializing in paintings these days? By exploring the themes, styles, techniques and social environment, this session will discuss painting practices used now and decades ago.
Moderator:   Ms Maria MOK Kar-wing
Curator (Modern Art), Hong Kong Museum of Art
Speakers:    Dr Jack LEE Sai-chong
Dr Edwin LAI Kin-keung
Mr LAM Tung-pang
Mr Wilson SHIEH Ka-ho
Brown White

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