Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme
Pilot Scheme: 2015.10 – 2016.7
The Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme is a moving art museum which tours to different schools and the community, inviting you into an interactive "art laboratory" where you can see how ancient and contemporary artists "transform" subjects of daily life into works of art! Ten local artists will host different art projects online and on site. For application and updates, please visit our website or the "Museum of Art on Wheels" Facebook page
Application form for schools: 2015.11.9, 9am to 2015.11.30, 6pm
Thank you for your support. All successful applicants will be notified on or before 30 Dec 2015 via email and post.
Artists Online Projects and Workshops:
Reconstructing Memories through Disassembling – A Journey through the Hong Kong Museum of Art
Online Project on Facebook: 2015.10 – 12
Convener: Lam Tung-pang
The Hong Kong Museum of Art has temporarily closed in August 2015 and embarked on a major renovation and expansion project, which would take about three years. Its former appearance will soon become history and memory.
Artist Lam Tung-pang has called for a group of some thirty people via online social media, and shared with them the images and texts of past exhibitions of the Hong Kong Museum of Art that he had collected and collated. Through deciphering, reading, imaginations and discussions, the group explored the possibilities of conducting games and workshops in the area around the Museum. Finally, among the nine shortlisted proposals, four were selected by the group members, which were further consolidated into two themes as below.
Participants will revisit bygone eras of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and its collection in the workshop. They will also execute creative tasks and games by examining the area around the Museum and prompted by hints hidden in the provided boxes.
(1) Family Workshop
Create your Mobot! (Cantonese)
Having the artworks relocated elsewhere during the closure, the lonely museum is now calling for YOUR help to create some robots for company!
Like the museum, these robots love collecting. By transforming into curators and using your imagination, you will formulate the collection, customize a distinctive way of display, and design a UNIQUE Art Mobot!
Artist:Lam Tung-pang, Cheng Ting-ting
2015.12.19 (Sat), 2:30 - 3:30pm 
Art Square@Salisbury Garden, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Target: For Primary 1 to 3 students and their adult companions
Quota:10 groups
(2) Teen Workshop
Hide and seek riddles (Cantonese)
While its closure, the Museum is scattered with all kinds of materials. Can you decipher the lines of puzzles and assemble all these materials to create an artwork? The workshop will test your artistic sense through a series of art games, and enrich your understanding of the Museum in the past days while creating your work of art.
Artist:Lam Tung-pang, Jaffe. T and Victor Wong
2015.12.19 (Sat), 3:30 - 5:30pm 
Art Square@Salisbury Garden, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Traget: For Secondary 1 to 3 students
Quota:20 persons
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