Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme
Pilot Scheme: 2015.10 – 2016.7
The Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme is a moving art museum which tours to different schools and the community, inviting you into an interactive "art laboratory" where you can see how ancient and contemporary artists "transform" subjects of daily life into works of art! Ten local artists will host different art projects online and on site. For application and updates, please visit our website or the "Museum of Art on Wheels" Facebook page! 
Application form for schools: 9am, 2015.11.9 - 6pm, 2015.11.30
Artists Online Projects and Workshops:
Collect and Create at the Museum!
Online Project on Facebook: 2015.9 – 11
Workshop (Cantonese): 2015.11.21 (Sat) , 2:30 – 5:30pm
Art Square at Salisbury Garden, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Artist: Wong Tin-yan
The Hong Kong Museum of Art has closed for a 3-year renovation, and a lot of items need to be uninstalled. Local artist Wong Tin Yan, who enjoys creating pieces from discarded wood, has come up with a unique idea: He invites everyone to collect a piece of wood from the museum and graft it to an object from their home, turning part of the museum into their own collected piece.
If you would like to collect a part of the museum, choose a small object in your home and join our group on Facebook. Think about the function and meaning of the objects with Wong Tin Yan, and create a unique work of art in our workshop. Bring the museum home!
Reconstructing Memories through Disassembling – A Journey through the Hong Kong Museum of Art
Online Project on Facebook: 2015.10 – 12
Workshop (Cantonese): 2015.12.19 (Sat), 2:30 – 5:30pm
Art Square at Salisbury Garden, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Artist: Lam Tung-pang
Artist Lam Tung Pang will collect and collate exhibition images and texts of the museum from the past, assembling the material into boxes to share with participants in the workshop. By disassembling the boxes, participants will be able to revisit bygone eras of the museum. And by examining the area around the museum and prompted by hints hidden in the boxes, they will create pictorial travel logs reflecting their observations and imaginings of the old facades and bygone eras in the life of the museum.
Lam Tung Pang will also invite participants to look for their own memories of the museum via social media. These may be a time-worn photo, an old brochure, an old romance or some other stories. By accumulating these fragments of memories we have read and explored, we can all revisit the museum through each of our own memories, gathering and imprinting these episodes into our collective memory.
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