How do we know the Chinese drank tea first?Where did tea come from?Oolong tea, green tea, white tea, Pu'er tea, black tea... How many kinds of tea are there?How did tea get to the other parts of the world?Who drinks tea?How important is tea to the Chinese?What's so special about all those tea pots?Questions to ponderPrint this chapterShare on FacebookLinks / ReferencesSite map Font size: original Font size: medium Font size: large 中文
What's so special about all those tea pots?
 Tea and tea wareYixing purple clay tea wareYixing tea pots' shapesYixing tea pots' decorations

Tea wares, like tea drinking customs, were developed out of the needs, tastes, and trends of people at different times. Just as other utensils or products created for human use, tea wares' advancement and development have been closely related to that of technology - for technology allows new elements to be added, new materials used, and new methods of production to be implemented.

In order to be able to appreciate tea ware - or any works of art - we need to first understand some history of it. So that when we look at any particular piece, we will know where it is placed along the evolution of things, and we will be able to appraise it against the correct context. What seems old and unattractive today may have been a state-of-the-art and fashionable product back when it was produced!

Let's begin with tea ware's developments during different dynasties. We will learn how tea ware became what it is today. Then we will take a look at the world-renowned Yixing tea ware, and learn to appreciate them.

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