How do we know the Chinese drank tea first?Where did tea come from?Oolong tea, green tea, white tea, Pu'er tea, black tea... How many kinds of tea are there?How did tea get to the other parts of the world?Who drinks tea?How important is tea to the Chinese?What's so special about all those tea pots?Questions to ponderPrint this chapterShare on FacebookLinks / ReferencesSite map Font size: original Font size: medium Font size: large 中文
How did tea get to the other parts of the world?
 Tea trades worldwideDevelopment, prosperity, and decline of Chinese tea trading Tea Horse Road

Tea is one of the three most popular drinks in the world - together with beer and coffee. Around 2 billion people drink tea as a habit every day, and over 160 countries have tea trading in their own country. China was the only country which exported tea worldwide from the beginning. But as tea plantation gradually emerged in other countries, tea trades became much easier and widespread. Together with soaring demand, different kinds of tea plants were being explored and appeared in the markets.

China's export of tea played a critical role in spreading tea and the tea drinking culture to the world. How did this all happen? Let's find out.

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