How do we know the Chinese drank tea first?Where did tea come from?Oolong tea, green tea, white tea, Pu'er tea, black tea... How many kinds of tea are there?How did tea get to the other parts of the world?Who drinks tea?How important is tea to the Chinese?What's so special about all those tea pots?Questions to ponderPrint this chapterShare on FacebookLinks / ReferencesSite map Font size: original Font size: medium Font size: large 中文
How do we know the Chinese drank tea first?
 Origins - Where tea first appearedEarliest accounts - And the monumental importance of Lu YuEarliest legends - And our friend Shen NongWhy is tea called

China is the native land of tea. With its unique fragrance and mellow sweet taste, its values to health, and ease of access by the masses, tea has brewed itself into Chinese history for more than 2,000 years. Over the dynasties, tea has been a part of life for people of all classes (More in "Who drinks tea?"). By dint of cultural and economic exchange with other countries and regions, tea was introduced overseas and developed into one of the most popular beverages today. (More in "How tea got to the other parts of the world?")

But how do we know for sure that Chinese was the first to drink tea? Click on the sections above to find out, like a historian.

How do historians do it?
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