How do we know the Chinese drank tea first?Where did tea come from?Oolong tea, green tea, white tea, Pu'er tea, black tea... How many kinds of tea are there?How did tea get to the other parts of the world?Who drinks tea?How important is tea to the Chinese?What's so special about all those tea pots?Questions to ponderPrint this chapterShare on FacebookLinks / ReferencesSite map Font size: original Font size: medium Font size: large 中文
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 Core learning skills to be acquiredLearning objectivesLesson plan overview
  • This teaching kit is designed for studies in Module 3 of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum's Liberal Studies Curriculum, i.e., "Modern China".

  • The content and activities in this kit have been developed in line with EDB’s recommendations and are suited for the theme of "Chinese culture and modern life" of this module.

  • The lesson plan is designed for one cycle of teaching (6 lessons). For schools that adopt a 3-3 class structure, having two 105-minute classes (with three 35-minute classes a day), lesson 3 can be taught together with lessons 1 & 2, and lesson 4 with lessons 5 & 6.

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