The Four Seasons – Nature's Voice and Verse
Experience the beauty, elegance and perfection of nature, as portrayed in music. This concert interweaves Vivaldi’s legendary Four Seasons with arias by Purcell and Handel, exploring the wonders of the natural world.

Ode to Plum Blossoms – The Artistry of Qian Zhaoxi by the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble
A selection of works by the highly influential composer in contemporary dizi music, Qian Zhaoxi, performed by the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, National Class One Musician Zhan Yongming and some of the local dizi virtuosi.

Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra – Beethoven Triple Concerto
Lio Kuokman (Guest Conductor/Piano) will play Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano together with Lam CheHo (Violin), Letty Poon (Cello) and Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra led by Dr. Yip Wai-hong (Music Director).

The Life and Death of Xiao Hong Multi-media Dance Theatre
Tracing the life of talented woman writer of modern China Xiao Hong to explore what supported her till the end and how she died a helpless death but remained immortal, through a solo dance.

Genesis and Spirit — A Showcase of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Guizhou
Songs and dances of the ethnic groups of Guizhou that has been inscribed onto UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Geneva Ballet (Switzerland) - Romeo & Juliet
Romeo and Juliet - a reinterpretation of the classics by Geneva Ballet, bringing a whole new experience to the audience.
Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera Festival 2013: Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe
The Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe is bringing to Hong Kong gems of kunqu, performed by the elite of contemporary kunqu theatre. Galactic occasion not-to-be-missed!

Chinese Opera Festival 2013: Tianjin Peking Opera Theatre
Top artists from Tianjin to perform the best excerpts in the ‘military’ genre of Peking Opera – promising bravura performances that can’t be missed!

Chinese Opera Festival 2013: Zhejiang Wu Opera Research Centre
Leading artists in Wu Opera will bring to us their best repertoires with excellent vocal and martial skills. Be ready for the energetic performances full of liveliness and contrasts!

We Draman Group – The Goat or Who is Sylvia? (Re-run)
(In Cantonese)
The controversial play by Edward Albee, had its expectedly controversial first run in Hong Kong in 2011, and the group which brought on the shockwaves, We Draman, is reprising its act this coming May.

Prospects Theatre - A Lonely Planet B
In Cantonese and Putonghua (in Parts)
A group of lonely souls are on a nameless island. There are mountains and water, but no cars nor buildings. There is also beer…

Theatre Horizon x Hong Kong Dramatists – The Room
In Cantonese (with some English) with English surtitles only
A self-incarcerating being is buried under a heap of abandoned words.
From writing and publishing through to marketing and distribution, who has killed creativity?


Pampinak Theatre (Uruguay) - Kohi
A presenter travelled around the world and shared show fragments collected: Liu and the Water, Onak and His Pet, Lejla and KOHI and the Giant Garden Seed.

Boundless Multimedia Series:CouCou on MARS by GayBird
A visual music venture in revisiting an alternative future.
Featuring astonishing female vocalist from Japan - UA.

Boundless Multimedia Series: Melencolia by Peter Suart (UK)
A One-man performance on Albrecht Dürer, mind illness and the sacred is inspired from Dürer’s engravings. To explore the history, philosophy and religion through speech, gesture, projections, music and humor.