An Evening with Renée Fleming
Songs and Arias by Handel, Richard Strauss, Debussy, Canteloube, Cilea, Zandonai, Refice and Verdi, and best-loved songs from musicals.

Encore Series –Guitar Recital by Pepe Romero
Coming from the ‘Royal Family of Guitar’, the legendary Pepe Romero will grace his Hong Kong audience with a programme of Spanish guitar classics, entitled ‘Songs My Father Taught Me’.

The Four Seasons – Nature's Voice and Verse
Experience the beauty, elegance and perfection of nature, as portrayed in music. This concert interweaves Vivaldi’s legendary Four Seasons with arias by Purcell and Handel, exploring the wonders of the natural world.
Chinese Opera

María Pagés Compañía (Spain) - Utopía
Utopía is the declaration of principles in the form of Flamenco dance, born of the admiration the artist holds for the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

A Great Pearl River Delta Cultural Cooperation Project – Love Letters
Veteran local choreographer Pun Siu-fai brings together an outstanding array of dance and cross-disciplinary artists from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in a poetic and exquisite dance and multimedia creation. Not to be missed!

Chinese Opera Festival 2013: Talks on the Appreciation of Peking Opera
Renowned Peking opera critics Dr Geogre C. Shen will give two talks in April on the art of Peking Opera featuring famous repertoires of military male and painted face roles. Interesting and informative introduction not to be missed!


Cantonese Operatic Songs Concert
Come and enjoy the Cantonese operatic performances by nine Cantonese Opera virtuosi in April and May. Book NOW!

Chinese Opera Festival 2013 : Reminiscences – The Predecessors of Cantonese Opera Series
In this series, we will look back upon the life and times of five esteemed predecessors of Cantonese Opera, including Cantonese Opera virtuosi and enthusiastic academics.

Lecture Series on Stage Management
Speaker: Peter Li

(In Cantonese)
This is a series of talks and a guided backstage tour, the aim of which is to provide the participants a basic understanding of stage management techniques.


Alice Theatre Laboratory – 1001 Nights of Pasolini (Re-run)
(In Cantonese)
Deconstructing, reconstructing, and reinterpretation - a tribute to the controversial poet and film director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

We Draman Group – The Goat or Who is Sylvia? (Re-run)
(In Cantonese)
The controversial play by Edward Albee, had its expectedly controversial first run in Hong Kong in 2011, and the group which brought on the shockwaves, We Draman, is reprising its act this coming May.

Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education - The Kite Boy
(In Cantonese)
The story is about the growth of a boy during the process of learning kite-flying. A local children theatre show which combines puppetry, animation and music.

Pampinak Theatre (Uruguay) - Kohi
A presenter travelled around the world and shared show fragments collected: Liu and the Water, Onak and His Pet, Lejla and KOHI and the Giant Garden Seed.