Nan Lian Garden Music Series: Japanese Koto Concert
A programme of Cantonese music featuring revived and remodeled ancient Chinese musical instruments.

Nan Lian Garden Music Series: Fujian Nanyin Concert
Elegance and rhythmic - a showcase the artistic charm of Chinese culture and Nanyin. Programme includes In the Courtyard, Taking a Stroll, Gazing Far Ahead and Hoping for Her Lover to Return, The Plum Blossom Tune and more.

A Poet and His Muse – Yu Kwang-chung’s Poetry in Music
Held at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, the programme will showcase vocal works written by composers inspired by Yu Kwang-chung's poems in the last three decades.
Chinese Opera

Body,I.D., Space V by Y-Space
The fifth of the Body, I.D.& Space Series will be performed at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences. Artists of different media will be interacting with the venue's space and the setting to explore the possibilities of environmental dance theatre.

Kidult Ophelia
A murky Dance-Play at the century-old slaughterhouse by edgy-dancing-queen Abby Chan & butchery dramaturge Mann Chan

Revisiting Tong Dik-sang − Talks cum Demonstration Performances
Prof. Yu Siu-wah will reveal how Tong Dik-sang uses his dramatic and musical acumen to the full, supplemented with excerpt performances of Tong’s classical Cantonese Opera repertoire.


Young Cantonese Opera Artists Series: Sunny Cantonese Opera Troupe
With solid technique and fine voices, a group of young Cantonese Opera talents will be staging both civil and military repertories in March. Not-to-be-missed!

Cinematic Theatre - Dynasty
(In Cantonese)
Where political power play is in force, all human beings – be they virtuous or evil to the utmost degree – cannot but bow to its engineering.
This is a story about a photographer and a writer.
This is a story about a princess, a general and a king.

Theatre Ronin - P.E. Period 2.0 (Literary Music Theatre)
(In Cantonese)
Performed as a jazzy, literary musical, Theatre Ronin’s adaptation of Dung Kai-cheung’s P.E. Period evokes bleakness from its splendour, and beauty from its callousness.


Pants Theatre Production - A Poet in the Rainy Lane
(In Cantonese)
Weaving together the life and works of this distinguished poet in the nostalgic atmosphere of Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, this new work will be a reflection upon the dilemma of an intelligentsia in modern China.

Miracle Fun: La Baldufa - The Happy Prince (Spain)
(Performed in English with Chinese subtitles)
The Happy Prince, a touching classic tale by Oscar Wilde, is transformed by La Baldufa (Spain) into a multidisciplinary show for all ages which combines shadows, puppetry and projections.

Miracle Fun: U900 Ukulele Live in Hong Kong 2013 (Japan)
Woolen Ukulele duo dolls band, U900, will perform songs, such as Thriller by Michael Jackson, Yellow Submarine by Beatles etc, and will also show their energetic side.

Miracle Fun: Evolution Dance Theater - FireFly (USA/ Italy)
The theatre will blend dance, acrobatics, physical theatre, video art and technology into a visual feast blending magical illusion and alluring dance.