Nan Lian Garden Music Series
Featuring a number of fabulous concerts by veteran musicians from local and overseas with various Chinese instruments including erhu, pipa, ruanxian and zheng, Fujian nanyin and Japanese koto.

Concert by Hong Kong City Chinese Orchestra
Different programmes in three performances, include: Excerpts from Dream of the Red Chamber Suite, Scenes of Yunnan, Daybreak on a Snowy Mountain in Spring, Ballad of Northern Henan, In Celebration of Good Times, The Butterfly Lovers, Autumn Moon over a Placid Lake, Remembrance and Torrents of the River

The Carnival of the Animals Concert by Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra
Back by popular demand! Animated oil paintings bring The Carnival of the Animals right in front of your eyes! Other programmes includes Rachmaninov’s Vocalise, Under the Hawthorn Tree, Movie Music Medley - Cinema Paradiso, Somewhere in Time, etc.

Carry On
Six Routes Converge Here with No End
Choreographers: Rebecca Wong, Cyrus Hui, Ivanhoe Lam, Elaine Kwok, Chloe Wong, Max Lee

Body,I.D., Space V by Y-Space
The fifth of the Body, I.D.& Space Series will be performed at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences. Artists of different media will be interacting with the venue's space and the setting to explore the possibilities of environmental dance theatre.

Kidult Ophelia
A murky Dance-Play at the century-old slaughterhouse by edgy-dancing-queen Abby Chan & butchery dramaturge Mann Chan
Chinese Opera

The Military Repertory in Cantonese Opera by Kam Yuk Tong Cantonese Opera Troupe
With Li Qiuyuan and Cheng Wing-mui as the leads, the troupe presents two military repertories Thunderbolt and Zhou Yu, with spectacular fight scenes and actions. Not-to-be-missed!

Cantonese Opera Legend Yam Kim Fai – Repertoire Select
Recognized as an all-round Cantonese Opera artist, Yam Kim Fai's voice, handsome looks and memorable stage persona were all unique. This programme brings together the best-known artists to showcase Yam’s selected repertoire.

Revisiting Tong Dik-sang − Talks cum Demonstration Performances
Prof. Yu Siu-wah will reveal how Tong Dik-sang uses his dramatic and musical acumen to the full, supplemented with excerpt performances of Tong’s classical Cantonese Opera repertoire.

Rising Sun (Musical) by Spring-Time Experimental Theatre
(In Cantonese)
The first step of mapping out New China: Hong Kong
The story of young Dr Sun Yat-sen growing up in Hong Kong and taking his first steps into his revolutionary career.

Once, upon hearing the skin tone by Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group (Taiwan)
(In Putonghua with Chinese and English surtitles)
Skin tone is the colour of jealousy, the base colour of all my memories of you
It is a mystery and suspense musical which uses Cheer Chen’s music as we trace and rebuild a murder scene.

A Chorus Line (Musical) by Theatre Space
(In Cantonese)
A musical for everyone who’s ever had a dream and put it all on the line.
Winner of nine Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize.
Come meet the new generation of Broadway’s best!


Miracle Fun: Hairy the Little Macaque by Fantasy Puppet Theatre
(In Cantonese)
The woodland and ecosystem where Hairy the little macaque and his family are living, is being invaded by humans’ skyscrapers. Can Hairy and his buddies escape from the disaster?

Miracle Fun: Monster Family by Jumbo Kids Theatre
(In Cantonese)
Sing collects plastic waste for recycling while his classmates are being trained as “all-round elites”. Does Sing come from a plastic-eating monster family? A mysterious man leads Toasty and friends to discover stories behind each “Monster Family”…