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Nan Lian Garden Music Series: Guqin Recital by Cheng Gongliang and Dai Xiaolian (The Guangling Stylistic School)

Due to health problem, guqin soloist Cheng Gongliang will not be able to perform in Hong Kong. The recitals will be performed by Dai Xiaolian and Lu Xiaozi.  

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Venue Date & Time Price
Xiang Hai Xuan Multi-purpose Hall, Nan Lian Garden

*Meet-the-Artist Session after the matinee performance (In Putonghua)

About the Performer

Due to health problem, guqin soloist Cheng Gongliang will not be able to perform in Hong Kong. The recitals will be performed by Dai Xiaolian and Lu Xiaozi.  

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Dai Xialian

Dai Xialian is a guqin virtuoso, and is on the faculty of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music as well as serving as a supervisor on its Master’s degree programme.  She is also Vice-Chairman of the Guqin Professional Committee of the Kunju and Guqin Research Society of China under the Ministry of Culture, Vice President of the Guqin Professional Committee under the auspices of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, and Bearer of the Art of Guqin as an Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Shanghai City.

Dai was born in Shanghai and she started to learn the art of guqin-playing, when she was a teenager, under the tutelage of her maternal granduncle, the renowned guqin master Zhang Ziqian of the Guangling Stylistic School.  The years of training make her a true exponent of Zhang’s art.  Later, she also received coaching from several guqin masters including Wu Jinglue, Yao Bingyan, Wu Wenguang, Gong Yi and Lin Youren. 

Dai has inherited the rich legacy of the traditional qin study, which is evident in her virtuosity and techniques, and is able to assimilate the merits of the various stylistic schools. All these have shaped her into one of the foremost exponents of the traditional Chinese art of guqin.

At the same time, she is also at the cutting edge of new music by keeping an active profile on the contemporary music scene, performing and collaborating with many renowned musicians, composers and orchestras, both in China and abroad.  She has premiered close to ten new chamber pieces for guqin by various contemporary composers.  

To date, she has given more than twenty guqin solo recitals in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.  On the academic side, she has attended several of the international annual conferences, and various symposiums on guqin studies in China, and presented papers on those occasions.


Lu Xiaozi

Lu Xiaozi was born in Zhejiang, China. She began playing the guzheng at the age of six and graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with a double Bachelor degree in guzheng and guqin. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in guqin under the supervision of Dai Xiaolian, and received coaching from guqin masters, such as Lin Youren and Cheng Gongliang, etc.

While in school, Lu was a recipient of many awards, including the Outstanding Graduate Student Award of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2012, a Gold Award for Guzheng Specialism at the 6th Asian Youth Music Competition, an Outstanding Performance Award – Youth Section at the 2nd National Junior and Youth Guzheng Competition.  In 2007, Lu performed with the Ehingen State Music College of Germany, and appeared in many major concerts, including the premiere of a concert series in the revival of original music in guqin, a teachers-and-students’ guqin concert of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Bobby McFerrin’s concert in Shanghai. She was also on the recording team of the multimedia musical, Master Hongyi.  In 2010, she was invited by the composer and conductor, Tan Dun, to perform guqin solo in the world premiere of his concerto, Eroica.  She has gone on tours with violinists Lu Siqing and Ryu Goto in China and overseas.   


Cheng Gonglian

Cheng Gonglian was born in Jiangsu.  He trained in guqin in the high school affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and graduated from the Conservatory proper in 1965, where he studied Music Theory, in 1960s’.  Later he contributed to the music creation of the Modern Peking Operas, The Red Lantern and etc.  Since 1984, he joined the Nanjing Arts Institute where he taught Music Theory, Composition and Guqin in its Department of Music. He took early retirement from the Institute in 1997, and has been enjoying a leisurely life at home since.

Cheng has seven works that are reconstructed from the ancient tablatures, among them are Wen-Wang-Cao and Gu-Zhu-Jun. He is also the author of a dozen treatises on qin music, from reconstruction and transcription of classics, to the guzheng art of the Shandong stylistic school etc. As a composer, he has written the guqin song cycle Paoxiu Luolan, The Meditative Melodies and The Sun for guqin solo. He co-wrote with Chris Hinze, a Dutch flutist, two works: an improvisatory piece, China Dream and By the Banks of the Ili River for guzheng solo.

His first album, Guangling Qin Music was released in Hong Kong in 1986. His later releases include Qiulai (Ethereal Music of Autumn), which is also the name of his precious instrument, a guqin made more than a thousand years ago. On the same instrument, he cut another recording entitled Wen-Wang-Cao and Gu-Zhu-Jun, which was released in Nanjing. Adding to these are three albums on guqin solo released in Taiwan – Paoxiu Luolan, Being Peaceful and The Art of Guqin – Cheng Gongliang, making a total of seven solo albums by him.

Cheng was trained under the tutelage of Liu Jingshao and Zhang Ziqian, so his style reflects the tradition of the Guangling school, but at the same time, he has developed his own characteristics.  His playing shows a profound humanistic touch, whereby he expresses his feelings about nature and his reflections on life. At times warm and gentle, at times fiery and poignant, he demonstrates a soulful depth and the musings of a cultivated mind.  A critic describes him as “conveying the innermost feelings of the heart.”


Revised Programme

Guqin solo by Dai Xiaolian

Long Xiang Cao, Chang Qing, Three Variations of Plum Blossoms, Song of Huaru, The Crow's Caw at Night, Paoxiu Luolan – Water, Ancient Dance


Guqin solo by Lu Xiaozi

The Meditative Melodies                


Guqin duet by Dai Xiaolian & Lu Xiaozi

Flowing Water



Tickets available from 18 November onwards at all URBTIX outlets, on Internet and by Credit Card Telephone Booking.


Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients (Limited tickets for full-time students and CSSA recipients available on a first-come-first-served basis).


‘Nan Lian Garden Music Series’ Series Discount

For each purchase of standard tickets:

10% off for 2 different programmes;

15% off for 3 different programmes;

20% off for 4 or more different programmes.


Group Booking Discount

For each purchase of standard tickets:

10% off for 4-9 tickets; 15% off for 10-19 tickets; 20% off for 20 or more tickets.


Patrons can enjoy only one of the above discount schemes for each purchase.  Please inform the box office staff at the time of purchase.


Other programmes in the ‘Nan Lian Garden Music Series’ include The Charm of Guqin by Deyin Qin Society, and Guqin Recitals by Wang Duo, Lau Chor-wah, Sou Si-tai,  Tse Chun-yan, Zeng Chengwei and Zeng He


Programme Length

Running time of each performance is about 1 hour 30 minutes with an intermission of 15 minutes.

Audiences are strongly advised to arrive punctually.  No latecomers will be admitted until the interval or a suitable break in the programme.

The presenter reserves the right to substitute artists and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.



Ticketing Enquiries:2734 9009

Programme Enquiries:2268 7321

Credit Card Telephone Booking:2111 5999

Internet Booking:www.urbtix.hk

Programme Note



The Maestros talking the Qin

Dai Xiaolian (Conducted in Putonghua)

Admission free on a first-come-first-served basis

Running time of each talk is about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Venue Date & Time Price
Gallery, Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (Inside Hong Kong Park)
Free Admission


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