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Ling Lung Cantonese Opera Troupe – Ho Fei-fan’s Classics Select

Venue Date & Time Price
Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall
$240, $200, $160, $100
Auditorium, Tai Po Civic Centre
$220, 160, 100
Theatre, Ko Shan Theatre
$280, $220, $160, $100

30.11.2013 (Sat)

The Romantic Monk

When Lin Daiyu becomes an orphan, she goes to her maternal grandmother at Prospects Garden. There she meets her cousin Jia Baoyu and it is love at first sight for both of them. Daiyu is sickly, and is given a chamber to stay at the Jia Residence. A melancholy and lonely soul, she spends her time burying flowers, always lamenting that “when Spring is at its last and blushing beauty fades, the fallen flowers and the dead soul would both be gone”. Because of this, Baoyu has a tender love for her. Baoyu was born with a piece of jade in his mouth. His other two female cousins – Xue Baochai and Shi Xiangyun – have a gold locket and a gold unicorn respectively. The entire family of Jia believes that a match between “gold and jade” is made in heaven, so Baoyu must be married to either Baochai or Xiangyun. Their grandmother, Dowager Jia, chooses Baochai, because her family and the Jia family are social equals. Between Dowager Jia and Madam Wang Xifeng, Baoyu gets married to Baochai when he thinks he is marrying Daiyu. On hearing this swap trick, Daiyu is heartbroken. She burns the paper and handkerchief on which she wrote her poems on her death bed, and dies with deep regret. Baoyu, on finding out that he has been deceived, is greatly upset. When he hears of her death, he is so grieved that he faints. He pays his last respect at Daiyu’s chamber before leaving home to become a monk. In his dream, he seems to have risen to the Grand Void where he meets the celestial incarnate of Daiyu again.


Cast: Ng Chin-fung, Tang Mi-ling, Chan Hung-chun, Liu Kwok-sum, Ko Lai, Pui Chun-hin, Lam Po-chu, Ip Man-ka, Chor Ling-yan


7.12.2013 (Sat)

The Blessing of the Moon

The story takes place during the last years of Song. There are battles and uprisings everywhere. Jiang Shilong and his younger sister, Ruilian, have fled home and come to a stage post. Ruilian was originally betrothed to the son of a court minister, Qin Xingfu, but the Qin family is supposedly annihilated under a false charge by the corrupt powers at court. Another family, that of the Minister of Defence, arrives at the stage post. Minister Wang tells his daughter, Ruilan, that she should protect her chastity against all odds so as not to disgrace the family. When the rebel army arrives at the stage post, everybody flees. The members of the two families are lost in the pell-mell. Wang Ruilan happens to go along the same route as Jiang Shilong, and as the two continue their journey, love grows. They reach where Qin Xingfu is staying, and with Xingfu as matchmaker, the two are married. On the other hand, Madam Wang meets Jiang Ruilian, and they tell others that they are mother and daughter in order to keep company and be safe. When Minister Wang and his entourage finally find Ruilan, he refuses to accept that her marriage with Jiang Shilong is legitimate because he knows they wedded without a matchmaker. He forces Ruilan to get onto his carriage and come home with him. Shilong is heartbroken, and throws himself into the river. He is saved by Madam Bian, the sister of Madam Wang, his mother-in-law. He is given a new name as Bian Shuangqing. Minister Wang is appointed Prime Minister, and he intends to let his daughter by birth, Ruilan, and his adopted daughter, Ruilian, to find husbands among the top scholars. Ruilan thinks her husband has died after throwing himself into the river. So she begs her father to let her go to the Xuanmiao Taoist Temple to appease his spirit. On the other hand, Shilong also goes to the same temple on the pretext that he wants to give alms to the dead. Actually both have decided to kill themselves after paying respects to their departed love. At the Pavilion Under the Moon, the two are reunited. Just at that point, news come that Shilong has plucked the laurels and is the top scholar in the civil examination. Prime Minister Wang now gives his blessings to their marriage. Ruilan is also reunited with Xingfu and the two are married.


Cast: Ng Chin-fung, Tang Mi-ling, Chan Hung-chun, Ko Lai, Sun Kim-long, Ip Man-ka


12.12.2013 (Thu)

The Jade Hairpin

Li Tingfu, Minister of Personnel, has a daughter, Xiuying, whose hand his wife would like to give to her cousin, Gu Wenyou. But both father and daughter detest Gu because he is a good-for-nothing sort. Gu comes to Minister Li’s birthday party, and on seeing the beautiful Xiuying, he is struck and immediately proposes marriage but is just as quickly turned down. It so happens that Mr and Mrs Wang Yu are also here for the party with their son, Yulin. Minister Li is so impressed by the handsome looks and scholarship of the young man that he suggests that the two families be united through marriage. Wenyou is deeply enraged by the fact that Yulin has taken his woman from him. He thinks up an unscrupulous trick and asks Sun the matchmaker to help him realise it. On the night of the wedding, Sun steals the jade hair pin that Xiuying has been wearing, and leaves a forged letter from Wenyou behind. Yulin is tricked and suspects Xiuying of adultery. From that point on, he treats Xiuying with coldness and disregard. One month has passed, and it is time for Xiuying to visit her maternal home. Yulin decides to foil the affair between Xiuying and Wenyou, and orders her to return the same day, rather than spending the night at her maternal home. Forced to leave her mother in such haste, Xiuying reprimands Yulin for turning her into an unfilial daughter. When Minister Li visits Xiuying at the Wang Residence, he is shocked and greatly concerned to see her in such a devastated state. Yulin declares that he will nullify their marriage and send Xiuying away, taking out the ‘love letter’ as evidence of her adultery. The Minister conducts a trial and interrogates Sun the Matchmaker, who owns up everything. The truth being out, the Minister takes his daughter home so that she will not suffer Yulin’s torment any more. Finally realizing the mistake he has made, Yulin wants to make amends but fails. His mother advises him to study hard in order to succeed in the national civil examination, then he would be in a better position to seek forgiveness. He does succeed as the top scholar, and goes to find Xiuying to beg for forgiveness. Many times he has to apologize before he is forgiven. The young couple is finally reconciled.


Cast: Ng Chin-fung, Tang Mi-ling, Chan Hung-chun, Liu Kwok-sum, Ko Lai, Sun Kim-long

Details of Performer

Cast: Ng Chin-fung, Tang Mi-ling, Chan Hung-chun, Liu Kwok-sum (30/11,   12/12), Ko Lai, Sun Kim-long (7, 12/12), Pui Chun-hin (30/11), Lam Po-chu (30/11), Ip Man-ka (30/11, 7/12), Chor Ling-yan (30/11)


Programme Length

Approx. 3 hrs 30 mins with an intermission


15.12.2013 (Sun) 7:30pm

AC2, Level 4, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Speakers: Ng Chin-fung, Tang Mi-ling


In Cantonese

Free admission. Limited seats available on a first-come-first-served basis



Tickets available from 21 October onwards at all URBTIX outlets, on Internet and by Telephone Credit Card Booking            

Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients (Limited tickets for full-time students and CSSA recipients available on a first-come-first-served basis)

Production Team

Please refer to Chinese version.


Programme Enquiries:2268 7325

Ticketing Enquiries:2734 9009

Telephone Credit Card Booking:2111 5999

Internet Booking:www.urbtix.hk

The presenter reserves the right to substitute artists and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary
The contents of this programme do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department


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