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"Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret Ocean" (1/9/2017 - 28/2/2018)


We Are Stars 3D

Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau, invites you to dive with him into his secret world within the ocean.
In this underwater journey, you will travel around the remarkable and vibrant marine environments around the world such as Bahamas, Bimini and Fiji. You will encounter amazing animals like Christmas tree worms, which form colourful gardens on coral reefs; giant basket stars, which look like tangled weeds but are not plants; and giant clams, which weight up to 180 kilograms.
Filmed over three years around the globe with the specifically developed tools that allow underwater filming in ultra-HD 5K, slow motion, macro and motion control, the OMNIMAX Show "Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret Ocean" captures extraordinary images of over 30 species and reveals the interesting behaviours of these creatures. Come immerse yourself in the magnificent water world. No gears required.

"Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret Ocean" Trailer

Christmas tree worm
The Christmas tree worm has a pair of brightly coloured spiral gills which make it look like two tiny Christmas trees. Anchored in the coral, this filter feeder never moves around.

sea anemone and clownfish
The sea anemone is a carnivore which catches small fish with tiny, venomous harpoons. However, the clownfish lives safely among the sea anemone as the fish has a protective mucus coat.

arrow crab
The arrow crab has a triangular body, a very pointed head, a pair of purple claws and eight very long walking legs. The arrow crab is a scavenger that feeds at night. However, it sometimes preys on tiny animals on the coral reefs.

giant clam and zooxanthellae
The giant clam is the largest and heaviest bivalve mollusk. It weighs up to 180 kilograms and can live for more than a hundred years. Zooxanthellae are tiny algae that live in the flesh of the giant clam. They produce two-thirds of the nutrients that the clam needs.


Show Period : 1 September 2017 to 28 February 2018
Place : Stanley Ho Space Theatre
Admission Fees : Front stalls $24, Stalls $32 (Standard)
Front stalls $12, Stalls $16 (Concession)
- Concession is applicable to full-time students, people with disabilities (and one accompanying carer, and senior citizens aged 60 or above
- Children under 3 years old will not be admitted
Duration : 40 minutes
Show Schedule : Please refer to Stanley Ho Space Theatre Show Schedule
Ticketing : Please refer to "Ticketing Information"
- Advance booking up to one week is available
- URBTIX Internet Ticketing :
- Telephone credit card booking : 2111 5999
- Ticketing enquiries: 3761 6661