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Important notices

Solar Eclipses occur when the Sun is obscured by the Moon, an occasion when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are in near alignment, and the Earth moves into the Moon's umbra or penumbra.

There are three kinds of Solar Eclipses, namely Total Solar Eclipses, Partial Solar eclipses and Annular Solar Eclipses.

Since the Moon's orbit around the Earth is not in the same plane as the Earth's orbit around the Sun, eclipses do not occur every month. However, contrary to popular belief, solar eclipses are not at all rare. In any one calendar year, there are at least two Solar Eclipses. In some years, notably the year 2011, there are as many as four. As the path of totality is very narrow, people in a certain region can only observe, on average, a Partial Solar Eclipse every two to three years, while the chance of observing a truly remarkable Total Solar Eclipse is extremely remote. No Total Solar Eclipses will be visible from Hong Kong in the coming century.

For more detail, you can go to Teacher's Corner " Nature of the Universe Chapter 7 ów The Moon and Eclipses" .

Forthcoming solar eclipses from 2010 to 2015:

Date (HKT) Type Area of Visibility Hong Kong
15/01/2010  Annular Africa, India, China partial
12/07/2010  Total South Pacific, Easter Island., Chile, Argentina not visible
04/01/2011 Partial Europe, Africa, Central Asia  not visible
02/06/2011 Partial East Asia, North America, Iceland  not visible
01/07/2011 Partial South Indian Ocean  not visible
25/11/2011 Partial South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania, New Zealand not visible
21/05/2012 Annular China, Japan, Pacific, West United States  annular
14/11/2012 Total North Australia, South Pacific  not visible
10/05/2013 Annular North Australia, Solomon Islands, Central Pacific  not visible
03/11/2013 Hybrid Atlantic, Central Africa  not visible
29/04/2014 Annular Antarctica  not visible
24/10/2014 Partial North Pacific, North America  not visible
20/03/2015 Total North Atlantic, Faeroe Is, Svalbard  not visible
13/09/2015 Partial Southern Africa, South Indian, Antarctica not visible