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  • We provide world-class museum facilities and services and make the Museum a regional astronomy and space science education centre.

Our Mission is to: 

  • Enrich life by providing quality museum services and a lifelong learning environment for all

  • Promote professionalism and excellence in museum services

  • Provide highly educational and entertaining multi-lingual programmes and exhibitions to promote community interest in astronomy, space science and cultural exchange

  • Provide activities that establish the museum as an education centre

  • Provide a safe, clean, comfortable and friendly environment and achieve a high level of visitor satisfaction

  • Establish a good quality collection on the heritage of astronomy and space science of the region

  • Build a highly motivated, committed and satisfying workforce

We achieve our mission by embracing these core values:

  • Visitor focus

  • Quality

  • Creativity

  • Professionalism

  • Continuous improvement

Scope of Collections

  • Display materials of historical or popular interest for public viewing, such as meteorite specimens, artifacts and models, antique instruments, or replica of spacecraft; and

  • Research and reference materials such as astronomical films, slides, tapes and literature for programme productions, extension activities or improvment of existing facilities.


Annual Plan 2012-13