2001 Astrocalendar w Hong Kong Space Museum 20th Anniversary

HK$ 33
21 cm x 18 cm

The past twenty years saw the significant progress in astronomical observation when new instruments have come online to explore the distant universe across the electromagnetic spectrum and spacecraft have flown to probe the nearby members of the Solar System, bringing a new understanding of our Universe. The years also witnessed the dedication of the Hong Kong Space Museum to the promotion of astronomy and space sciences among the public.

The newly published Astrocalendar 2001 recorded some of the important development and works of the Museum since its opening in 1980, along with the remarkable achievements in astronomical observation made in the same year. In addition to the splendid astronomy photographs, the calendar contains information about the solar and lunar eclipse that are going occur in 2001, as well as a detachable seasonal star map printed on enduring and water-proof paper.

The Astrocalendar 2001 is designed for desk-top display, and is now available at the Space Museum Gift Shop.

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