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Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy http://public.gettysburg.edu/~marschal/clea/CLEAhome.html
Views of the Solar System http://www.solarviews.com/
International Dark-Sky Association http://www.darksky.org/
Hands On Universe http://www.handsonuniverse.org
Campaign for Dark Skies http://www.britastro.org/dark-skies
NASA Teacher Resource Centers http://www.nasa.gov/offices/education/programs/national/ercn/home/index.html
Careers in Astronomy http://www.cascaeducation.ca/files/careers.html
NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/
Planetary Society http://planetary.org/
Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) http://www.astrosociety.org/
Solar System Tour http://nineplanets.org
Space Educators' Handbook http://er.jsc.nasa.gov