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Activity Sheets



To reinforce the learning of relevant science concepts during visits, the Science Museum has designed a series of activity sheets and learning activities covering various science topics for students of different levels. Teachers are welcome to download the worksheets and make copies for their students.

Special Exhibition

  • "Strange Matter" Young Children Activity Sheets (Suitable for K1-P3 students)
  • "Strange Matter" Activity Sheets (Suitable for P4-S3 students)
    Curriculum Links: Primary School General Studies: "Science and Technology in Everyday Life"
      S1-S3 Science: "Matter as Particles", "Metals" and "Materials of the Modern World"
      New Senior Secondary Physics compulsory part: "Electricity and Magnetism"
      New Senior Secondary Chemistry compulsory part: "Microscopic World I", "Microscopic World II" and "Metals"
      New Senior Secondary Chemistry elective part: "Materials Chemistry"
      New Senior Secondary Combined Science Physics part: "Electricity and Magnetism"
      New Senior Secondary Combined Science Chemistry part: "Microscopic World" and "Metals"

Permanent Exhibition



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