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Our Staff

Post Name Email Telephone
Museum Director Ms. SIT Man, Karen 2732 3201

Exhibits Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Curator (Exhibit) Ms. CHAN Shuk-man, Paulina 2732 3202
Assistant Curator I (Science) Mr. TSUI Wai-tak, Wister 2732 3258
Assistant Curator I (Technology) Mr. KWOK Tsz-lun, Richard 2732 3210
Assistant Curator II (Life) Mr. SO Chu-wing 2732 3211
Assistant Curator II (Robotics & Communication) Miss LEUNG Wing-yan, Frances 2732 3215
Assistant Curator II (Science Arcade) Mr. FUNG Kwan 2732 3212
Assistant Curator II (Technology) Mr. KWOK Kin-lok, Wilson 2732 3219

Engineering Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Senior Technical Officer (Engineering) Mr. KWONG Siu-cheung, Stanley 2732 3274
Technical Officer I (Computer & Electronics) Mr. TANG Loong-wing 2732 3272
Technical Officer I (Mechanical Engineering) Mr. TONG Wai-fo 2732 3273
Technical Officer II (Mechanical Engineering) Mr. AU Ming-tai, Terence 2732 3276
Technical Officer II (Electronic Engineering) Mr. CHAN Ka-fai 2732 3293

Development Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Curator (Development) Ms. YUEN Yuet-po, Ronne 2732 3203
Assistant Curator I (Exhibition Hall) Mr. CHUNG Chun-wah, Kelvin 2732 3213
Assistant Curator I (Extension Activities) Mr. WONG Yiu-wah 2732 3222
Assistant Curator II (Extension Activities) Ms. CHAN Shuk-chong 2732 3224
Assistant Curator II (Education Services) Miss LEUNG Siu-ling 2732 3218
Research Assistant Miss CHING Kai-yi, Ruby 2732 3218
Program Coordinator Ms. HON Shuk-ming, Karen 2732 3221

Operation and Maintenance Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Senior Technical Officer (Operation & Maintenance) Mr. WONG Chi-kin 2732 3271
Technical Officer I (Operation & Maintenance) Mr. LEE Kwok-fai 2732 3278
Technical Officer II (Maintenance Electronic Engineering) Mr. TAI Chuk-shing 2732 3277
Technical Officer II (Maintenance Mechanical Engineering) Mr. CHAN Kim-fung 2732 3275
Technical Officer II (Operation Services) Mr. LAU Chak-man, Martin 2733 3276
Computer Assistant Mr. LAU Kin-chai, Louis 2732 3250

Special Project Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Curator (Special Project) Mr. NG Kwok-wai, Eddie 2732 3209
Assistant Curator I (Special Project) Ms. YAN Chui-ho, Kenus 2732 3216
Assistant Curator II (Earth Science) Miss HO Che-man, Sandie 2732 3233

Design Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Senior Designer Ms. CHOI Lai-wah, Candy 2732 3286
Designer I (2D Design) Miss WONG Yin-yiu, Angela 2732 3287
Designer I (3D Design) Ms. WAN Mei-ha, Teresa 2732 3285
Designer II (2D Design) Ms. LEUNG Ching-mei, Daphane 2732 3282
Designer II (3D Design) 1 Ms. HO Pui-ching, Jane 2732 3283
Designer II (3D Design) 2 Mr. LI Yiu-kwong, Alver 2732 3284
Designer II (Publication) Ms Cheung Kam-ying, Ida 2732 3281

Management Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Senior Manager Miss KWOK Yuen-man, Marianne 2732 3205
Manager Ms. CHAN Wai-han, Florence 2732 3228
Assistant Manager (Building Management & Operation) Miss. CHAN Yuk-mui, Natalie 2732 3227
Assistant Manager (Hiring & Services) Mr. SO Man-hong, William 2732 3230
Administrative Officer (Management) Miss LAU Chun-ping, Yvonne 2732 3225

Administration Unit

Post Name Email Telephone
Executive Officer Miss HO Nga-lai, Alice 2732 3206
General Registry Ms LEE Siu-ling, Saline 2732 3236



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