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Displays at Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong is richly imbued with a unique history and culture, and it is also a modern metropolis with a state-of-the-art airport. Over 100,000 passengers flow through Hong Kong International Airport every day, making it an ideal platform for introducing the territory's history, art and cultural heritage to local and overseas visitors. With this in mind, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has arranged a series of exhibitions at the airport, the latest two in which have been organised by the Museum of History to present the cultural traditions and history of Hong Kong.

Bits of Old Hong Kong in the "Glimpses of Hong Kong" exhibition series

This exhibition marks the premiere of the exhibition series "Glimpses of Hong Kong" presented by Airport Authority Hong Kong. With historical photos selected from the collections of the Museum of History and covering the themes of daily life, commerce, transport and fashion, it traces urban developments and the transformation of social life in the territory and gives visitors an insight into how elements of Chinese and Western culture have converged in the cultural melting pot that is Hong Kong.

Free Admission

On Display

● Near Gate 41, Departures Level, Terminal 1 (restricted area)

Presented by Airport Authority Hong Kong
In collaboration with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Supported by the Hong Kong Museum of History