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Public Programme


HKUST Public Humanities Lectures

Venue: Lecture Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Museum of History
Time: 3 – 5 pm
Enrolment: 139 seats; first come, first served
(Audience will be admitted 15 minutes before each lecture starts)
Fee: Free admission

All lectures will be conducted in Cantonese, unless otherwise specified. The Museum makes no representation concerning the contents of the lectures.


Co-organised by
Hong Kong Museum of History
Division of Humanities, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This is a series of public lectures by the faculty from HKUST to share with the increasingly better educated public in Hong Kong the advanced knowledge in the domain of multidisciplinary humanities, which is for the public, of the public, and by the public.

Date Topic Speaker

9 / 4

Two Stories of China: Naitō Konan and John King Fairbank

Professor Billy K L So

30 / 4

The Recursive Genesis of Bach Counterpoint (in English)

Dr Ilari Kaila

28 / 5

The Cultural Practice of Hybridity: Popular Romance in 1950s Hong Kong

Dr Cleo S M Lai

4 / 6

As the Backbone of the Sociopolitical Order: The Confucian Positioning of the "Shi"

Professor Charles W H Chan

11 / 6

Mochinaga Tadahito and Animated Filmmaking in Early Socialist China, 1945-1953 (in Putonghua) 

(Topic revised on 4 May) 

Professor Daisy Y Du

18 / 6

Is Human Nature Evil in the Xunzi?

Dr Angel O K Ting