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The metals conservators are responsible for the preservation and restoration of metal artifacts, weaponry and military objects. Apart from implementing conservation programmes for the metal collections, conservators have to conduct regular maintenance programmes for cannons and military vehicles on display in the outdoor environment. Also, they are required to give advice and devise appropriate methods for the conservation, handling and transportation of heavy and oversized objects selected for travelling/loan exhibitions.

Metals conservators often deploy the X-ray Machine to identify the material nature, structural defects, extent of corrosion and possible components of metals prior to treatment. For metals encrusted with corrosion products, the use of an air-abrasive machine is necessary for revealing the original metal surface. If information on the material composition and structural properties are required, metals conservators will make use of the metallographic polisher to prepare samples for microscopic analysis.

Conservation of a military vehicle for display at the Museum of Coastal Defence. Using an air abrasive machine to remove corrosion products on metal artifact
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