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"Pot and Tea" Exhibition

Tea originated in China. In the 5th century, the earliest tea trade was established between China and the Central Asia region which laid a solid foundation for the international tea trade afterwards. With the expansion of sea trade routes to the west, tea drinking spread widely from Europe to as far as America. It greatly stimulated the production of export Chinese tea ware from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province. The porcelain factories in Jingdezhen not only received orders from the West, but also produced custom-made items for foreign clients. The "Teapot decorated with floral medallions in underglaze blue" on display is a typical example of the craft. The high-quality yet low production cost appealed greatly to Western customers.

Selected from the collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art Museum and Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware and showcasing a great variety of tea ware, the "Pot and Tea" exhibition aims to illustrate the continuous and mutual cultural exchange between China and the West for the past hundreds of years.


Venue of exhibition:

Near Boarding Gate 36, Level 6, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport (Restricted Area)

Visitors Welcome