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Art and Cultural Exhibitions

Airport is a place of convergence and transit for people of different nations. It is also a platform that contributes to the cultural exchanges between various nationalities and races. Hong Kong International Airport, being a world-class airport, definitely plays a vital role in fostering cultural exchanges.

Following its achievement in previous efforts, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department join hands with Airport Authority Hong Kong to present "Art and Cultural Exhibitions" at the Airport. The local passengers and overseas tourists can now enjoy the distinctive flavours of Hong Kong's cultural heritage and Chinese culture.

Exhibition Location
(Please refer to the location maps)
Tea, Ceramics, Joy Boarding Gate 35, Level 6, Terminal 1
Pot and Tea Boarding Gate 36, Level 6, Terminal 1
Hong Kong Heritage Museum International Poster Collection Highlights Ground Transportation Centre Downramp South, Terminal 1
(Non- Restricted Area)
Hong Kong Cheongsam Story Boarding Gate 22, Level 6, Terminal 1