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British 10 inch breech-loading gun, 1880s

Accession No.: E97.465
Length: 8.7 metres
Remarks: This gun, weighing 32,513kg, fired a shell of 226kg. In the 1880s it was mounted on the Upper Belcher's Battery in the Western District. The battery was abandoned in the 1930s. Nothing remained except this gun which was displayed in its original position until 1997 when it was removed to the Museum for display.

British 5 inch breech-loading Mark I gun, 1870s

Accession No.: E80.21
Length: 3.5 metres
Remarks: This gun was unearthed in June 1980, together with another nine pieces of same type, at a construction site in Chatham Road South at a depth of 5.2 metres below ground level. It weighs 1,930kg and had an effective range up to 8,700 metres. The rifling consists of 20 grooves of polygroove hook section.

British 9 inch rifled muzzle-loading Mark I gun

Accession No.: E93.862
Length: 4 metres
Remarks: This gun was found in the Admiralty Garden site in 1990, alone weighed 12,200 kg. It would have been mounted on a traversing platform, fired a 116 kg projectile and had an effective range of 5,400 metres.

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