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- Lau Pui and the Maritime Guerrilla Warfare (Chan King-tong) ( pdf format) (in Chinese)
- Wong Kam V A Valiant Hero of the Sea: From the Maritime Guerrilla War to the Naval Battle on 6 August (Chan King-tong) ( pdf format) (in Chinese)
- The Archery Tradition of Korea (Prof. Kim Ki-hoon) ( pdf format)
- Redoubts built in the 20th Century in Hong Kong - Anthony Siu (in Chinese)
- Nuclear submarines must be produced even with 10,000 year's effort - Ma Ding-shing (in Chinese)
- Improvements in coastal defence in Guangdong after the First Opium War - Louis Ng (in Chinese)
- Looking At Hong Kong's 1905 Defences (Philip Bruce)
- Hong Kong Coastal Defence - (Anthony Siu) (in Chinese)

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