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Museum Publication

Serving Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Volunteers

Serving Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Volunteers
Produced by the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
Published in May 2004
Hard cover, 190 pp, full colour printing
Price: HK$160
ISBN: 962-7039-51-9 0

Established in 1854, the "Hong Kong Volunteers" was also known as the "Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps" and the "Royal Hong Kong Regiment". In the early days, the Force recruited members from the elite group. As times went by, different classes of the society and different ethnic groups also joined the Force. Despite volunteers, they received professional training. Their missions were to make contributions to the society and protect their home. They fought bravely against the Japanese during invasion, maintained law and order during riots and social unrests, as well as rescuing victims during natural disasters. They served in Hong Kong during the most difficult times. Although the Force was disbanded in 1995, its spirit and contributions are much appreciated.

This publication comprises essays on the historical development of the Hong Kong Volunteers and the experiences of its members. It records the glorious history of the Hong Kong Volunteers in the past 150 years.


The Defence of Hong Kong - Collected Essays on the Hong Kong-Kowloon Brigade of the East River Column

The Defence of Hong Kong - Collected Essays on the Hong Kong-Kowloon Brigade of the East River Column
Edited and produced by the Hong Kong Museum of History
Published in April 2004
Soft cover, 416 pp
Price: HK$130
ISBN: 962-7039-50-0

Led by the Chinese Communist Party, the anti-Japanese guerrillas launched guerrilla attacks against the Japanese all over the region of Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation period (1941-1945), and rescued Chinese intellectuals and international friends. They formed the Hong Kong-Kowloon Independent Brigade of the East River Column, dealt a great blow to Japanese rule in Hong Kong, and contributed much to China's resistance efforts against Japanese aggression. The Hong Kong Museum of History compiles a collection of papers which are contributions from Hong Kong and mainland scholars, as well as veteran fighters of the former Hong Kong-Kowloon Independent Brigade. This book illustrates the significant role played by the Brigade in the war of resistance against the Japanese.


Archery Traditions of Asia

Archery Traditions of Asia
Written by Mr. Stephen Selby
Published by the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence in Oct 2003
Soft cover.80pp.Full Colour printing
Price: HK$100
ISBN: 962íV7039íV47íV0

This publication is complied to complement the thematic exhibition of the same title currently displayed at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and to let the readers have a better understanding of the development and features of the Asian traditional archery. Supplemented with colourful drawings and photographs, it introduces the historical development of bows and arrows, the differences between modern bows and traditional bows, the physics of the Chinese traditional bows, the making of traditional bows and arrows, famous Chinese archery inventions, Chinese archery technique and the living traditional archery in other Asian cultures.

Interested individual can approach the Museum Shop located at the Redoubt of the Museum of Coastal Defence for purchase of the above publication during the MuseumíŽs opening hours. Museum Pass holder is eligible for a 10% discount on each purchase.

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