Activities & Public Services
Activities & Public Services
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All programmes listed below are free of charge except as otherwise stated. Due to limited seats, participation is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Programme is subject to change without prior notice.

"Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012" Associated Activity

"Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012" Open Forum 
Art Media Partner: Art Map
2013.10.26 (Sat) (Cantonese / English)
Moderator: Miss Eman Lam
Guest Speakers (Award-winning artists): 
Mr Chan-wang, Max
Mr IP Yuk-yiu
Mr Hector Rodriguez
2013.10.27 (Sun) (Cantonese)
Moderator: Mr Liang Dong
Guest Speakers (Award-winning artists): 
Mr Chan Keng-tin
Mr Wong Ping-pui, Stanley (anothermountainman)
2013.11.23 (Sat) (Cantonese)
Moderator: Mr Benny Li
Guest Speakers (Aaward-winning artists):  
Ms Ma King-chu, Ivy
Mr Wong Hau-kwei
Mr Wong Kwok-choi, Kacey
2013.11.24 (Sun) (Cantonese)
Moderator: Mr Lukas Tam
Guest Speakers (Award-winning artists):  
Mr Chui Pui-chee
Mr Huen Siu-chan
2:00pm ∣ 1/F Lobby
Seats: 50
Enquiry: 2892 1998 (Miss San Wong, Art Map)

"Hong Kong Art History Research – Pilot Project" Panel Discussion (Cantonese and English, simultaneous interpretation service provided)
The Hong Kong Museum of Art and Asia Art Archive (AAA) jointly present "Hong Kong Art History Research – Pilot Project." This project is the beginning of a longterm endeavour to develop a publicly available resource platform to support art historical research. It also hopes to develop a framework for building a richer contextual picture of Hong Kong's art ecology in 1960s to70s. On top of conducting a new series of professionally documented interviews that include multiple voices and perspectives, this Pilot Project makes available a selection of materials from Hong Kong Museum of Art's archive, Asia Art Archive's collection and valuable personal collections. The following panel discussions with invited experts and scholars mark the soft launch of the Pilot Project.
2013.11.9 (Sat) ∣ 1/F Lobby
2:30 – 3:15pm  Introducing the "Hong Kong Art History Research – Pilot Project"
3:15 – 4:30pm  Approaches to Researching Art in Hong Kong
4:45 – 6:00pm  Periodization of Art in Hong Kong
Seats: 50 (Registration begins on 2013.10.27. For more details, please visit AAA website: http://www.aaa.org.hk)


"Bonds of Memory: Wan Qingli's Collection of Chinese Art Given by His Teachers and Friends" Associated Lecture

When We Were Young (Putonghua)
Guest Speakers: Prof Wan Qingli, Mr Wong Hurk Marn (Artist)
Mr Li Geng (Executive Dean of Li Keran Academy of Fine Arts)
Moderator: Mr Szeto Yuen-kit (Curator (Xubaizhai), Hong Kong Museum of Art)
2013.12.14 (Sat)
2:30 – 4:30pm ∣ 1/F Lobby
Seats: 50
Bonds of Memory: Stories Behind the Exhibits (Putonghua)
Guest Speaker: Prof Wan Qingli
2013.12.21 (Sat)
2:30 – 4:30pm ∣ 1/F Lobby
Seats: 50


"Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012" Associated Activity

Meet the Artists: Art Demonstration and Sharing by Award Winners (Cantonese)
2013.10.19 (Sat)  Mr Wong Hau-kwei (Chinese painting) 
2013.11.2 (Sat)    Mr Chui Pui-chee (Chinese calligraphy)
2013.11.16 (Sat)  Mr Chan Keng-tin (Chinese painting)
2013.11.30 (Sat)  Mr Huen Siu-chan (Chinese calligraphy)
2:30 - 4:30pm | 3/F Lobby
40 seats per session
Admission label to this activity is available at 1/F Audio Guide Counter from 12:00 noon on the day of the activity. Limit of one label per person. First-come, first-served. For museum visitors with valid admission tickets.
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