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Museum of Tea Ware is 30 Years Old!

The Museum of Tea Ware inside Hong Kong Park, formerly called the Flagstaff House, was the headquarters of the Commander of British Forces and the  commander's residence until 1978. The historical building was later awarded to the Urban Council for refurbishment into a museum where valuable tea  wares donated by Dr K.S. Lo were displayed. On 27 January 1984, the Museum of Tea Ware opened to the public. It has been thirty years since that day.  This first thematic museum in Asia that exhibits, collects and studies tea ware and tea culture is an attractive place for the public and overseas visitors to relax and enjoy tea.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Museum of Tea Ware, we have planned a whole year of celebration activities for 2014. As a starting in the  Lunar New Year, QR codes outside our main doors will provide visitors with information on the building's architectural features. At the end of March, an exhibition titled "Gems of Yixing Tea Wares from the Nanjing Museums" will be staged to kick off a series of major anniversary events. 64 sets of  Ming, Qing and contemporary purple clay tea wares from the Nanjing Museum and Nanjing City Museum will be showcased. Visitors can see how the purple c lay culture evolved over 500 years and appreciate the fine creations of many famous potters. From April to June, we have lined up experts and scholars to share their experience in purple clay tea ware appreciation. During the Easter holiday, a Tea Carnival will be organised on the green lawn outside  the museum. The public can indulge in the wonderful breath of spring and tantalising tea aroma.
The annual International Museum Day comes in May. The Museum of Tea Ware's anniversary celebrations will be juxtaposed with the yearly event. To add an artistic twist, winners of the Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters Competition over the years will be there to share the pleasure of creative pottery with the public. In the hot summer months, a series of parent-and-child activities will take kids and parents through a time tunnel. They can learn interesting stories about Dr K.S. Lo and the Museum of Tea Ware. In October, thematic exhibition "From Soy Bean Milk to Pu'er" is our grand finale. It showcases the life and times of Dr K.S. Lo, founder of Vitasoy Group, and his tea ware collection. Our precious collection recollects the contributions of this Hong Kong legend in promoting the Chinese tea culture.
To mark our 30th anniversary, the Museum of Tea Ware launched a collection of special souvenirs, including tea caddies, mouse pads, reusable shopping bags and magnets etc. We hope to blend tea culture further into everyday life to cultivate a more pleasurable and refined lifestyle.
Don't miss such a great lineup of people and events about tea. Join us for the museum's celebrations!
Tote bag  Tote bag
  Tea caddy
  Mouse pad

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