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The Hong Kong Museum of Art is entering a new phase and is temporarily leaving Tsim Sha Tsui. Please check out the programme bearing "Hong Kong Museum of Art, Popping up". For details of programmes, please visit us often.

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is entering a new phase and is temporarily leaving Tsim Sha Tsui
Dear Friends,
As you may know, our museum closed on 3 August 2015 to prepare for the next phase of our development. We shall be conducting a major renovation and expansion project that will last for about three years.
The Hong Kong Museum of Art was first established on the top floors of the City Hall in Central in 1962 and was relocated to the purpose-built premise at Tsim Sha Tsui in 1991. The museum building at Tsim Sha Tsui has now served for about a quarter of a century. How time flies! During this period, we have organied about 390 exhibitions. I trust that you were among one of the visitors to one or more of those exhibitions.
Following our announcement on 26 June 2015 of the closure arrangements, we had a record attendance of over 47,000 visitors in the 32 days between 27 June and 2 August. Many of the visitors left us supportive and encouraging comments. Others were sad to bid farewell to the existing museum building while looking forward to our facelift. We are so touched by their response! On Sunday 2 August , the last day of our opening before we closed for renovation, we invited the last group of visitors and our frontline colleagues to take a picture together to mark the historical moment. It made such a memorable souvenir for all of us!
While our museum building is closed for renovation, we shall take the opportunity to review our services and programmes. During the upcoming three years, we shall continue to host events in different forms and meet you in different parts of Hong Kong as well as overseas. Please check out the programmes bearing the logo "Hong Kong Museum of Art, Popping up" and give us your support. For more details, please visit our website at http://hk.art.museum for updates or follow us on Instagram: hkmuseumofart.
Don't worry, our museum building is disappearing temporarily only to turn a new page of the museum's history! The Museum is never just a building; we are a living museum that will always stay close to our local communities. Perhaps someday soon, somewhere, you will see us popping up nearby!
Eve Tam
Museum Director
Hong Kong Museum of Art
September 2015

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