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B. Hong Kong Art

  B1 Hong Kong Ceramics 1985-1995
Chinese & English
45 panels (Including 39 colour plates)
Mounted on foam board ( 76H x 51W cm)
Packed in 5 hand-carring cases (88L x 9W x 65H cm)
  B2 From Common to Uncommon – the Legend of Ha Bik-chuen
Chinese & English
22 panels
(10 panels of text with images & 12 panels of artworks with introduction)
Mounted on foam board (56W x 76H cm)
Packed in 4 hand-carrying cases (90L x 9W x 45H cm)

* Along with a computer disc including Teachers' Reference Worksheets, Discussion Questions (suitable for junior, senior and Visual Arts students).

This travelling exhibition set is originated from the retrospective exhibition (15 April 2011 - 17 July 2011) the Hong Kong Museum of Art dedicated to the veteran local artist Ha Bik-chuen, under the same title.

In this set you will find Ha Bik-chuen's story of searching for art – the journey from amateur to professional artist and introduction to some of his artworks. His art and spirit are inspirational, especially to young ones who want to know more about art, and even have been starting to create artworks.


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