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The following video programmes are selected for in-house viewing by schools or organizations. More video programmes are available for further selections. Click here to return to the Video Programmes Catalogue.


For Secondary School Level or Above


Great Master: Leonardo Da Vinci (52 mins, English / Cantonese)
A true genius, Leonardo da Vinci spent his whole life studying natural phenomena and analyzing the human anatomy while also dabbling in architecture and engineering. This film makes brilliant use of computer animation to illuminate all facets of his paintings, sculptures and theories of flight.


Monet (25 mins, English / Cantonese)
Through a study of several of his landscape paintings, this programme explores Monet's painting style, composition and application of colour.


Matisse and the Fauves (20 mins, English / Cantonese)
Introducing Henri Matisse, the master of colour, this video explores how he and other painters emphasized the use of intensely vivid colours and vigorous brushstrokes to express their feelings in the early 20 th century movement called Fauvism.


Marc Chagall: The Colours of Passion (28 mins, English / Cantonese)
Marc Chagall, the Russian-born French painter, filled his canvasses with dream-like figures and fanciful imagery that mirrored his emotions and recalled visions of his youth in Russia, his Jewish upbringing, his first wife, etc.


The Terra-cotta Warriors (50 mins, English / Putonghua)
Museum researchers will accompany you on a visit to the Terracotta Museum and the site where thousands of amazing life-size terracotta warriors and horses were buried for the tomb of China's first emperor, Qin Shihuang. Close-up shots of the warriors will enable the precise details of their faces and uniforms to be recorded and examined.


Collection of Chinese Fine Cultural Relics (30 mins, English / Cantonese / Putonghua)
China has a long history endowed with a rich cultural heritage. This programme highlights the distinctive artistic achievements in different dynasties such as the bronze vessels of the Shang, terra-cotta of the Qin, jade burial suit of Han, sancai glazed ware of the Tang and porcelain of the Ming and Qing periods, etc


The Art Gallery in the Desert: Dunhuang (50 mins, English)
The programme displays the 492 caves of 4 th – 14 th century in Dunhuang and illustrates the Silk Road culture by the beautiful images and murals of these caves.


Ink Paintings (25 mins, Putonghua)
Introducing famous paintings by ancient masters, this programme demonstrates various kinds of ink paintings – landscapes, bird-and-flowers and figures – by different artists.


Clay (15 mins, English)
This programme demonstrates the malleability of clay, different techniques for shaping forms as well as glazing, firing and other finishing processes.


Installation (29 mins, English)
Using a number of examples that combine diverse elements, such as architecture, video, performance, etc., this introduction to what has come to be known as installation art sets out to define this challenging but compelling genre.


For Primary School (P.3 to P.6) Level


Animation: The Trout that Stole the Rainbow (8 mins, English)
Obsessed by the beauty of the rainbow, a trout steals it from the sky in an animation that features a brilliant mosaic-like presentation.


I Can Fly: Kids, Paintings & Art Appreciation (28 mins, English)
A young teacher inspires kids to explore the key elements of painting – colour, light, texture, shape and style – and to appreciate the masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and Matisse.


Cultures and Customs (15 mins, English / Cantonese)
Art is a window through which we can get to know people from the different cultures and ethnic groups that make up our world.


Simple Mask and Puppet Making (30 mins, English)
The renowned puppeteer David Poulton demonstrates how to use imple materials to make simple maskes and puppets.


Figure Painting (30 mins, Putonghua)
Taking a historical perspective, the programme introduces various types of Chinese figure painting, including portraits, children' s paintings, genre and ghost painting.


For Kindergarten or Primary School (P.1 & P.2) Level


Animation: Brush at Sea (5 mins, No Dialogue)
Entering a museum, an artist's brush is fascinated by paintings of the sea. Without any dialogue, this fantastic programme is suitable for audiences of all ages.


Animation: The Gruesome Gray Monster (9 mins, English)
The Gray Monster takes all the colours from the world. "Red" escapes first, then "Blue", then "Yellow"…… Suitable for very young children, this programme introduces colours and how to mix them.


The World We Live In (15 mins, English / Cantonese)
Have you noticed the wonderful variety of colours, textures and shapes that can be found in nature? This programme explores ways that we can appreciate the world we live in.


Painting (30 mins, English)
Teachers introduce different kinds of painting activities to children, including block printing, watercolours, floor painting and painting with droppers and rollers.


Modeling (30 mins, English)
This programme features teachers using songs and pictures to help children explore shapes, textures and dimensions with ceramic clay, play dough and simple tools.


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