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Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme
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Hong Kong Sign-Seeing

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by Hong Kong Museum of Art

Major Funder:
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Supporting Organisations:
Hong Kong Society for Education in Art
The Education University of Hong Kong


The Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme is a moving art museum that tours different schools and the community. "Hong Kong Sign • Hong Kong Signature" will be the theme for our new mobile unit. We will bring to you a "word maze" city to discover interesting signs and words that permeate every corner of our city, displaying our city's energy and spirit, as well as its cultural link to Chinese calligraphy. With a number of interactive games on this mobile museum, you will discover the uniqueness of Hong Kong's hybrid culture in an exciting interactive experience!

  • The Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme is a moving museum tailor-made for primary and secondary students in Hong Kong. It acts as a mobile museum, bringing to campuses works that will prompt students to appreciate different art media and arouse their interest in art.
  • The theme for the mobile museum is "Hong Kong Sign • Hong Kong Signature". By showing changes in our city's unique cityscape with various street signs, we hope to open students' eyes to explore more about their daily life and the uniqueness of the mixed identities of Hong Kong's culture.
  • Focusing on a number of interesting artworks from the museum's collection, with specially designed interactive multi-media games, we aim to inspire students' curiosity in learning Chinese writing and Chinese language as well as Hong Kong's culture.
Educational Objectives
To motivate learning through small groups, interactive games and art creation, students can:
  • learn about the uniqueness of Chinese writing, language and the mixed identities of Hong Kong's culture;
  • gain insight into the three steps of appreciating art, including Look, See and Think;
  • extend art appreciation into their daily life and artistic creation.
Interactive Games on the Mobile Museum

Hong Kong Sign-Seeing

Play fun word search games in the city maze to discover the hidden masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy written by famous calligraphers.

Word of Transformation
Explore the possibilities of transforming words and writing into new art forms with contemporary artists Frog King, Wang Tiande and Xu Bing. Word Fun!
Living Words
A webpage living style guide with informative games, to extend learning Chinese calligraphy through some fun experiences of tours, shopping, dining and entertainment guides.
Lyrics to Words
Cantonese pop songs are an important part of Hong Kong culture. Art creation by contemporary calligraphers writing Cantopop songs using traditional calligraphy techniques, giving their art work a fashionable presentation. Let's Sing, Sing, Sing together!

Artist Workshop and Online Project

Making your own sketch book • Picturing your Hong Kong stories (Cantonese)

Flyingpig is going to show you how to make your own watercolour sketch book. She will invite you to discover the Kowloon City district, wandering around the community, and tell you the stories behind the district. Participants will sketch and share with one another after the tour.

Facebook Online Project: 2016.10.26 – 2016.11.26
Artist Workshop: 2016.11.26 (Sat), 2:30 – 5:30pm
Venue: Stone Houses Family Garden, Kowloon City (No. 133 Junction Road, Kowloon)
Aged 15 or above
Free programme  35 seats  application required

Application Form for Artist Workshop  (Full)
Tapping the metropolis rhythm: Whole-body rendition of the calligraphic brush (Cantonese)

Dr. Lau Chak Kwong will delight the audience with his calligraphy performance with huge brush, expressing his special feelings about Hong Kong. Applicants should provide 4 - 7 Chinese characters expressing your feelings to Hong Kong, in which the style is not limited to poems, Cantonese slangs, lyrics, etc. Your submission may be selected to be included in his art piece. Dr. Lau will also lead you to create a 3-dimensional collaboration work to build an ideal city. It will be exhibited on the spot after demonstration.

Facebook Online Project : 2016.11.17 – 2016.12.17
Artist Workshop: 2016.12.17 (Sat), 2:30 – 5:30pm
Artist: Lau Chak Kwong
Venue: Lower Piazza, Hong Kong Science Museum (2 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong)
Age 16 or above
Free programme  35 seats  application required

Application Form for Artist Workshop


You were there – Create your three-dimensional memory in Fotomo (Cantonese)

Photography is a carrier of the cityscape, local practice, culture and memories. Ip Ka Wai will introduce capturing the community into delicate miniatures. Participants are required to submit a photo of an old street or shops that they are familiar with and write a story with not more than 100 words about the memory that has been brought to them. On the day of the workshop, an instant portrait photo of the participant will be used together with the photos collected to build your own unique Fotomo art piece.

Artist Online Project: 2016.12.21 – 2017.1.21
Artist Workshop:2017.1.21 (Sat), 2:30 – 5:30pm
Artist:Ip Ka Wai, Alexis
Venue: Comix Home Base (7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)
Age 16 or above
Free programme  20 seats  application required

Application Form for Artist Workshop


I write, therefore I am (Cantonese)

Artist Online Project: 2017.2.11 – 2017.3.11
Artist Workshop:2017.3.11 (Sat), 2:30 – 5:30pm
Artist: Chui Pui Chee
Venue: Piazza, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Application Form for Artist workshop


Cutting forest out of city (Cantonese)

Paper is a humble material, yet rich in cultural significance and history. When cut out, paper becomes art that's incredibly delicate and beautiful. Artist Bovey juxtaposes nature and cityscape in her contemporary cut paper, exploring the splendour and power of nature and how it accommodates our urban lifestyle. Come join her to create your own, hand cut paper artwork. In this workshop, you will learn how to make a template from drawings and collages. Bovey will share with you various cutting techniques and tips to create intricate and unique patterns found in nature and city, while using simple tools and materials such as an X-acto knife and xuan paper.

Facebook Online Project: 3.2017 - 4.2017
Artist Workshop: 2017.04.01 (Sat), 2:30 – 5:30pm
Artist: Bovey Lee
Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (Kowloon Park, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui)
Age 15 or above
Free programme  20 seats  application required

Application Form for Artist workshop (registration opens from 11:00am 2017.3.6 to 6:00pm 2017.3.20)


Let the Chinese characters fly (Cantonese)

Collaborating with Hong Kong Museum of Art, HK new media artist Hung Keung is going to conduct an experimental workshop introducing techniques for using traditional art medium, such as ink and brush strokes, with a modern reinterpretation. Participants are able to gain new insight into Chinese calligraphy in the digital world. In this workshop, the calligraphy works that the participants create will be digitised and be featured on a giant screen for sharing.

Facebook Online Project: 2017.3 – 2017.4

Artist Workshop: 2017.04.22 (Sat), 1:30 – 5:30 pm
Artist: Hung Keung
Venue: Classroom and Laboratory, Hong Kong Science Museum

12 pairs (1 elderly (Age 60 or above) and 1 family member (Age 10 or above))
Free programme  application required

Application Form for Artist Workshop (registration opens from 11:00am 2017.3.22 to 6:00pm 2017.4.5)


De Tainan Stijl (Cantonese)

"De Tainan Stijl" is inspired by a Tainan trip.  Freeman and his wife visited an old shop selling traditional Chinese ink brushes. The feeling of primitive simplicity filled the shop and it was impressed upon his memory. He also found that the signboards of shops all looked very interesting and special not only because of their meanings, but also the style of the Chinese characters. In "De Tainan Stijl", the signboards in Tainan are recorded. They all reflect the culture and living style of the city. Freeman hopes this little copybook will help promote the special typographies on the shops' signboards in Tainan and lead to a brand new style of Chinese calligraphy.

Facebook Online Project: 2017.4 - 2017.5

Artist Workshop: 2017.5.13 (Sat), 2:30 - 5:30pm
Artist: LAU Siu Hong Freeman
Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum
Age 16 or above
Free programme 50 seats application required

Application Form for Artist Workshop (registration opens from 11:00am 2017.4.18 to 6:00pm 2017.5.2)


Characters under the engraving knife (Cantonese)

Seal Engraving (Zhuanke) was inscribed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) onto the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (world intangible cultural heritages). It combines the techniques of painting, calligraphy and engraving, which is an essence of traditional Chinese Arts.

Apart from Chinese characters, animals and human characters are main content of Seal Engraving. Participants can experience the fun of Chinese Zhuanke by engraving your portrait onto a stone to create your own private stamp.

Facebook Online Project: 2017.5 – 2017.6
Artist Workshop: 2017.6.3 (Sat), 2:30 – 5:30 pm
Artist: Fung Ka Yee
Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence (175 Tung Hei Road. Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong)
Age 15 or above
Free programme 30 seats application required

Application Form for Artist Workshop (registration opens from 11:00am 2017.5.3 to 6:00pm 2017.5.17)

Bear in Mind

To 2017.6.30

Participating Artists: William Lim, Mok Yat-san
Education Programmes Partner: soundpocket
Exhibition Venue: Art Square at Salisbury Garden
10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art

We are presenting two artworks at Art Square that help us revisit memories. One installation, Post a Memory to the Future, created by William Lim, functions as a post office pavilion with hanging "remembrance". He specially designed some postcards inspired by our collective heritage and memories to encourage you to share your thoughts and hopes with us. There is also a postage stamp design activity from 2:00pm to 4:00pm every Saturday (except for bad weather) at the pavilion. Another artwork, entitled Contemplation of Lovingkindness, by Mok Yat-san, presents an unusual scene next to a lawn. Placing a polar bear against a painting scroll with a literati landscape, the work encourages viewers to cherish nature before it vanishes and becomes only a memory.

As part of this exhibition, our education programmes partner, soundpocket, will organise a series of activities with sound art and moving images to share our memories of the Museum and our city. Please follow our updates on the Museum website, listen to the artists' thoughts and stay in touch!

Click here to listen to artists' thoughts on their artworks

Click here to download the exhibition pamphlet


"Sound Scoop" with Guided Tour (Cantonese)

"Sound Scoop" listening corners will be set up at Art Square on these days to present the sounds collected in "The Library by soundpocket" for free to listen. During the guided tour, participants will be guided through different sound stories and memories from Hong Kong. Various approaches in sound collecting will also be introduced through a series of exercises. Let's all learn to become a sound collector! 

2017.4.9 / 5.13 / 5.14 / 6.11 (Sat & Sun) #
1:00 – 5:00pm  "Sound Scoop"
3:00 – 4:30pm  Guided Tour
Art Square, Salisbury Garden
Quota for Guided Tours: 20 

Free admission, no advance enrollment required, first-come-first-served
# The event dates may be changed or cancelled due to bad weather, please click here for updates of the programme.

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City Dress Up: Blossoming Stairs
Preview of staircase

Image: Lotus of the Qiushuian
Huang Yongyu (Born 1924)
Dated 2004
Vertical scroll
Ink and colour on paper
Donated by Mr Huang Yongyu
Location: Tseung Kwan O Velodrome Park (Main Entrance)

2017.3 – 12

Summer is at the door! This year, even ART is blossoming on the staircases! Look around you and find the staircases decorated in our collection images; they will even change their decoration with the season. Come and immerse yourself in the blossoming art world with us! Please visit website blossomingstairs.hk and Facebook page for more information on display locations and artist workshops.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Hall of Mental Cultivation of The Palace Museum – Imperial Residence of Eight Emperors

Jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and The Palace Museum
Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and The Palace Museum
Solely sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

2017.6.30 - 10.15 (Tentative)
Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hall of Mental Cultivation (Yangxin Dian) was the living place of the Qing emperors and the political centre of the Qing dynasty. It is one of the mostly visited places in The Palace Museum, and it houses the most well-known and invaluable artefacts relating to the emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, etc.

As the Hall is closed for large-scale renovation, artefacts previously housed in the Hall will be selected for touring exhibition. The exhibition will feature over 200 representative exhibits of the Hall to show its political, historical and cultural importance in the history of the Qing dynasty.

Timetable of public guided tours

Application form for waiver of admission charges for group visit and guided tour services (application starts on 1 June) 

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Pair of zitan wood hanging panels carved with bamboo grove, crane and rabbit with gilding
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Pair of zitan hanging panels with gilded bamboo grove, cranes and rabbits

Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911)

In Touch with Hong Kong Artists – A School-based Art Learning Pilot Programme (Phase 2)

"In Touch with Hong Kong Artists – A School-based Art Learning Pilot Programme" is organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art. The programme introduces local students to Hong Kong artists and the contemporary art collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art through an array of interactive education activities, including artist interview and demonstration videos, workshops and artist sharing, aiming to familiarise young people with the local art scene.  

Followed the success of Phase 1 of the programme, more artists' videos and teaching materials were tried out at pilot schools in the school year of 2015/16, introducing to teachers and students another seven Hong Kong experienced artists: Luis Chan, Cheung Yee, Hon Chi-fun, Kwok Mang-ho, Mui Chong-ki, Pak Sheung-chuen and So Hing-keung. Through the programme, students got acquainted with more local artists and experienced their styles of art making. Teachers also had positive views on the programme. They valued the input of teaching materials of Hong Kong artists into the visual art curriculum, which they felt helps advance art education in Hong Kong.
13 Hong Kong artist teaching kits are now available for loan. Primary and secondary schools are welcome to borrow the kits.
Click here to download the programme summary booklets for Phase 1  & 2 .
The Sound of Art — Museum Sunday Concert Series

2017.4.2 ∣ 5.7 ∣ 6.4 (Sun)

3:30 – 4:30pm
Lecture Hall, Heritage Discovery Centre
Kowloon Park, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

The Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art is pleased to invite you to the "Sound of Art" free afternoon concert.

Museum Sunday Concert Series

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