Plan Your Visit
Plan Your Visit
Application Notes

The Hong Kong Museum of Art provides a variety of education and extension services for schools #, registered charities and registered non-profit-making organizations. These organisations with 20 or more participants can apply in writing for waiver of the admission charges. Applications should be made 3 weeks in advance before the date of visit. 

# except private schools offering non-formal curriculum

Click here to download the application form

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May we apply for a fee waiver?
Yes, all local schools and non-profit-making organisations may apply for a fee waiver.
2. When should we apply?
Applications should be made at least three weeks in advance of your intended visit.
3. May we make a reservation over the phone?
Sorry, we only accept bookings received via an application form. You may, however, call to check availability.
4. When will the arrangements of our visit be confirmed?
We will confirm the details at least two weeks in advance of your intended visit.
5. Where can we park the coach?
Sorry, we do not offer on-site parking. The drop-off and pick-up point is in front of the Space Museum.
6. We have more than 150 students. May we all visit at the same time?
If you have more than 150 students, you should stagger your touring of the museum. For example, you could book a video show at the Lecture Hall for half of your students while the other half joins a guided tour.
7. How long do guided tours last?
Guided tours last for about 1 hour.

What do guided tours cover?
If you choose to visit only one exhibition, the guided tour covers more in depth information about the exhibition theme and characteristics of the exhibits. If you choose the "Introductory Tour", docents will give students a general idea of what a Museum is and how it operates while introducing some highlights of the current exhibits.

If you have a specific theme for the visit, please state it on your application form. Our docents are able to modify the touring route according to your request. The tour, however, will still focus on the exhibition.

9. May we take photographs?
You may take photographs without flash and tripod in most of our galleries. Please ask the guards at the entrance of the gallery if you have any doubts.
10. May we stay behind after the guided tour?
Yes, you may stay behind and continue to visit the museum on your own.


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